Friday, December 31, 2010

Weekend Reflections 127/365

Linking up with James at Newtown Area Photo for weekend reflections.  James has a sharp eye for beauty in his part of the world, Newtown PA....a place I once called home.  I'm sure you'd enjoy his images as well as other "reflections" from around the globe.  Take a peek.

Yesterday I had a 4:00 appointment in the neighboring towns of Biddeford and Saco.  I was a couple minutes early and could see the light was just lovely so I swung into the Amtrak station to grab a few photos.  Behind me the sun was easing behind the Biddeford skyline of mills and spires and in front of me the station was glowing.  I found a few reflections in puddles left by the melting snow, but the real beauty was the combination of the skyline and station windows.  I might have missed it if it weren't for James' inspiring blog concept. 


Macro Friday

Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia....check out the beautiful pix. 

Yesterday morning Jack Frost visited inside my garage windows.  He's a sneaky guy that Jack Frost. The lovely etchings were so beautiful I had to grab my camera right away.  Tula is a patient girl, so she waited an extra few minutes before getting her breakfast and quick walk around the block.  She's a good dog.

Lest you think I'm not good to my sweet pup, later in the day I took Tula to the beach where she had a zest filled romp and where I spotted some seaglass amongst the stones thrown from the sea.

All and all it was a good day for both of us.  Hope it was for you too.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


This post is a weekly entry at Faith's Simplicity.  This week's topic is "kids".  I don't have any....only fur kids; fortunately I do have an adorable niece and nephew.  My collection is of 4 year old Quinn.  Let's just say he had an "awesome" Christmas.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Morning 126/365

There's a wonderful blog I recently noticed that hosts "Wordless Wednesday".  I admire any blogger's ability to just put up a few photos and shut up.  I'm going to try that.  It won't be easy.  Check out others at Faith Hope and a Whole Lotta Love.  Can I just say....Tula Dot and I had a lovely morning outing?  I hope that's OK.


Thanks for stopping by....shhhhhhh.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Scavenger 122/365

This post is part of Scavenger Hunt Sunday over at Ashley's blog Ramblings and Photos.  Always interesting to see how others did while looking for the right stuff to complete the weekly list.  If you haven't tried this, you might consider it a fun New Year's resolution.  I find it stretches my photography to places I might not have considered going without a little push.  Thanks Ashley.  This week's items were: Family, Motion Blur, Pretty Package, Glow, and Sparkle.  Here are my takes:

Family:  This is a shot of my brother and his 2 year old daughter, Lily.  I entitled this photo "Smitten" and love the look of adoration that radiates from him.  I'm sure he's totally screwed.  This little lady is going to break his heart thousands of times....and I suppose it will all be worth it.

Motion Blur:  This is the big brother.  I don't think this is a very good photo, but it's a perfect rendition of Quinn's activity all Christmas Day long.  He personified motion blur.

Pretty Package:  A sweet little ornament on the family tree.

Glow: {122/365}  I love this portrait of my sister in law's mother.  She is a beautiful woman and I think she often has a glow about her.

Sparkle:  Do you have any of these fun 3-D-esque glasses that turn Christmas lights into sparkling lights?  Fun!  Says right on them, "see a snowflake, snowman or Santa in every holiday light" great is that? 
 My Mom installs them on the tree each year like an ornament so they're available for anyone to use at anytime for their sparkling pleasure.  Maybe you can find some on sale.
Those are my takes for this week.  Thanks for stopping by to check out my photos.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Weekend Reflections

James over at Newtown Area Photos hosts "weekend reflections" every Friday.  I love seeing his reflection takes as well as reflections from his participants around the globe.

When I saw James' take this week, it reminded me of a neat shot I took one evening a week or so back.   This beautiful decoration was hanging on a shop door.  While there are lots of James in his NYC shot, there are 7 of me....perhaps that's a lucky thing.  I love too that you can see the sidewalk and downtown buildings reflected in the ornaments.
That's my reflection(s) for this week.


Faith's Simplicity subject this week is love.  I've thought for a bit what I might like to post.  I live alone, but live in close proximity to my family and I work for my father and with my brother.  I am blessed to have and aunts and uncles, numerous cousins and their extended families and many friends who live nearby.  That's a lot of love.

But in my home are my very own sweet loves, so I decided to make this post about them.  They are so dear to me and are the ones who are aware of my breaths, my moods, my habits, and the secrets I hold deep inside and yet they both seem to adore me anyway.  I suppose that is love in it's purest.

Tula Dot Downing
This sweetie is a rescue dog.  She has many fears as she travels this world, but she loves her mama and is happy in our home.  After 4 years together I know what she likes and doesn't and I accept the seemingly irrational fears that for her are very real.  She is not particularly fond of the camera, but I'm able to get better shots of her in the outdoors.  She is a wonderful walking companion and is quite patient as I capture images with the camera.
I entitled this photo "Joy".  Look how happy my sweet girl is.  Love you miss Tula.

A. Pamina "Princess P" Downing
This sweetie is an adopted 10 year old from the local shelter.  I don't think she's afraid of anything.  She is a snugly companion and provides endless affection with accompanying purrrrrrrssss.  She too loves her mama.  I did not choose her, I let her choose me and it's been a wonderful match ever since.  Next month marks one year since she arrived but I feel like she's been here forever.  As you can see....getting a photo of the Princess is never a problem.
I entitled this photo "In the Sun"....and when I see it I can tell that the happiness she gives to me, I am in like, returning to her.  Love you Princess P.

Macro Friday

Every Friday is Macro Friday over at Blogging from Bolivia.  If you're like me and you love those close-up and defined shots, head on over and check some out.  There's always something amazing.

Yesterday morning brought the first measurable snow to the area.  I'm not a fan of snow, but did have fun taking some early morning photos.  I am also happy to report that it wasn't too many inches, so I could shovel my drive without having to shell out $$ for the plow guy, and I have hope that it might melt away.  Too many winters here in Maine once the snow comes, you never see the ground again until April.  Maybe this year won't be a long one.

Here's some pretty I found yesterday.

Snow covered bush

And while these are not close-ups, they're too pretty not to share.

Trapped in the middle of nowhere.

A lovely snow scene

Happy Friday and a happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This post is in response to Communal Global's Tuesdays Around the World.  They want to see my "today".  I'm not so sure they really do but...
I suggest you check their blog and see some lovely todays, especially after seeing mine. :)

Becky over at Life with Kaishon saw my post a few days back which included this lovely photo.....
...and she commented so sweetly "I love it over at communal global on Tuesday"....
so, there it is.

I'd like to tell you that this beautiful setting was my today
I'd be a big liar.  I wish my today was a beautiful sunset and silhouette like that, but some days just aren't. 
My today was much more like this:

Ordinary. Burger and salad accompanied by...

Reward wine for making it through the day.  Don't let the name fool you.  There's no dancing and no bull happening around here.

That was my today.  The best thing is it's December 21st so starting tomorrow we're on the right side of summer!!  Thanks for bearing with me.  I'm sure I'll have lovely sunset silhouettes again sometime soon.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Scavenging

This post is in response to Ashley's weekly scavenger hunt posted every Sunday.  I love having the fun task of shooting with something in mind.  Really helps when creativity is in a bit of a slump....and this time of year, with such limited light, I'm having more slumps than usual.  Looking forward to the solstice which signifies the turn toward more light and eventually spring and summer.

This week the "things" I was looking for were: Winter (gee that shouldn't be too hard to find), Black and White w/Selective Coloring, The Wind, Framed, and Remember When...

Winter:  Fessin' up, not a big fan of winter, but it comes along anyway.  We've been lucky thus far, not much snow....just a pretty dusting one night last week, making for a beautiful country scene the next day.

BW w/Selective Coloring:  The docks are pretty sparsely filled this time of year.  I can't begin to imagine how cold it must be working on the water during the raw winter months.  The "Charming Lady" looks rather peaceful and inviting...easy to say on the sunny days.

Framed:  I found this cool orange chair in a Massachusetts police station.  I loved the duplication caused by the large mirror.  I've also been playing with my Photoshop "liquify" filter.  Fun-kee. 
What was I doing at the police station? Helping my father get back his car that was stolen right before Thanksgiving.  Thanks to an observant woman who was able to connect with my father after finding his car keys on an exercise trail near her Arlington MA home, he now has his car back.  Nothing like the help of a friendly stranger.  My Dad sent her some fresh Maine lobster as a gesture of thanks.

The Wind:  This one was so hard for me.   Not only is the concept visually abstract, each time I was out and about thinking about wind this week, the air was unusually still.  I finally reached back to a photo I took in late November of these seagulls taking off to ride the wind.

Remember When.....the thought of this guy made your insides tingle with excitement?  Wow; that was so great.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Simple Beauty 113/365

This post is in response to "simple beauty" over at Faith's blog Simplicity.  She's great....check out her blog to see other "simple beauty" takes and especially if you're interested in upping your photography skills.  She has a class starting soon.

{113/365}  I caught an amazing dusky sunset a few nights back when I was trying to hit a prompt of "silhouette".  These trees helped me hit the prompt, but the towering blue clouds were what was hitting me. 
It continues to awe me what beauty is all around us in this great big world.  A dazzling show is available every day if we only stop to see it.  I need to stop more often...trying-and starting to succeed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Weekend Reflections

This post is in response to James' blog Newtown Area Photo and part of Weekend Reflections.

Twice Tula

I love walking the beach in the winter months.  Yes, it's very cold, but more often than not I have the entire 3/4 mile stretch all for myself and my sweet companion Tula.  I caught a lovely reflection of her on the sand still wet from the outgoing tide. 
You can see our first little dusting of snow in the back ground along the edge of the dunes.  Stay warm.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thawing Today

This post is a double-whammy in response to "today" at Communal Global and to the prompt "thaw" over at the Sunday Creative. 

 The Sunday Creative

Last week it was very cold here in Maine...gloves, hat, freezing rain, wind chill, and flannel PJ's at bedtime.  This week we're having a bi-polar moment and it's been warm.  We're thawing out.  It's just an illusion, a game I fear;  soon winter will have us locked in it's grasp.

Today I am hoping for good news.  My car is "in the shop" and I'm praying the mechanic will call and say that this time the check engine light doesn't cost hundreds of dollars as it often does.  Being car-less  (not careless, car-less) means walking and shooting photos in places close to home.  Here's what I found this morning when Tula and I took a walk around our neighborhood block.
Just the slightest peek of pink sky through the backyard trees this morning.

Looks like the neighbors are putting up a new garage.  Their cars will be sooooo much happier, as will they when they don't have to scrape an icy windshield.  Garages are absolutely NOT overrated.  I love mine.

A few days ago these puddles were covered in ice.  Around the other side of the block I found the pink sky reflections near the curb...

...which made me stop and consider this thawed puddle as well.  I like the reflection of the stark trees.

Today my cozy reading chair is empty, but next time I need to thaw out, I'm going to grab a good book and nestle in.

Guess what?  The garage just called and they were able to solve the problem for $138.  I'm a happy camper.  My mood has thawed as well.  Thanks for taking a quick peek at my photos.