Sunday, April 25, 2010

Velvet Shoes

In velvet shoes just before dawn
My love comes to my downy rest.
Stealingly; a silent silhouette
Nestles in the bare corners of my left.

Gently wrapping delicate arms,
As ribbon ‘round my neck.
Her mouth finds salt from my sleep.
My fingers she tastes, craving my caress.

In satisfaction
I feel her back arch and rise.
Her many wondrous curves,
Silky to my touch.

As first light eases
I see her eyes, dreamy with adoration.
I hear her rhythmic sighs
And sense the morning bliss.

I shift; she lies upon me.
The rumble of her wee voice
Vibrates in my heart.
Two cadences one.

Her warmth and tenderness, my waking gift.
My love asks little yet answers large.
She teases me with whiskers white.
Five pounds of sweet in dappled fur.

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