Friday, May 21, 2010


One year ago tomorrow, my sweet Abbie Louise Downing passed away.  I still miss her....a lot....and often.  We had a special bond, likely built on the energy I spent trying to channel and calm her seemingly boundless energy.  She was all go and often she was going long before her brain was going, and that's when the trouble was likely to start.  It was who she was.
She was however a very smart, sensitive, and loyal companion and never much farther away from me than I could see.  A happy girl with a zest for life who truly never forgot a place where she had found food. Scavenging was an art she excelled at.
The day after she passed away a single bloom opened on my resident Christmas cactus.  I found that odd at the time, yet comforting.  Now I see there is a big fat blossom ready to open, likely this weekend.  No other blooms are in sight.  And yet around the first of December the plant will be covered with fuscia blossoms.
Abs, my dear...I still miss you so very much and hope that you are having the bestest time running around heaven.   I'm sure there's swimming for you and endless games of ball and frisbee toss.  I'll catch up to you when I get there, but for now, I feel your spirit here in the sunshine.  Be a good girl.


Laloofah said...

Dear Sue, that's a hard anniversary... and a beautiful, touching tribute you wrote about and to your sweet Abbie. I love that your Christmas cactus bloomed for her (or for you, from her?) That's lovely, I would find that comforting too.

I'll be thinking of you and Abbie tomorrow and sending you both extra hugs and doses of love...

Dorian Susan said...

I'm sure you have many of these anniversaries as well. It goes with being an animal lover.

Thanks for reading my blog and being a follower. How exciting to have one. That's what friends are for. I do post a lot, and I am writing to get what I'm feeling out....please don't feel a need to read them all unless of course you'd like to stop spring cleaning during your next ground blizzard and do something more relaxing.
Concert today....I'll sing (as only a singer with hearing aids can) and drum on with Abbie in the back of my mind.