Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beach Blessings

Having the beach nearly to yourself on a warm sunny morning in early May is a blessing.  My dog thinks so as well.  This morning's vivid blue sky graced the steely grey-green ocean making one's view as pleasant as the reality.  There were just a handful of us there to take in the glory.

There were 3 retirees on the beach this morning, sunbathing.  Their flappy pebbled skin hanging loosely and the white sheen of their legs creating contrast with the brilliance of their colorful swimwear.  They were reading books, smoking, laughing, stretched out in low beach chairs flaunting their age earned wisdom as Tula and I passed by. 

Enjoying the beach when the weather is so desirable is unusual.  As soon as beach weather arrives, so do flocks of visitors from Massachusetts, Quebec, New York, Connecticut, Florida, and elsewhere....seemingly stealing my parking space, my spot of  tranquility, my access to this place of mental respite. 

All winter long the dog and I "mind the store" for these visitors.  Trudging up and down the sandy shore in strong winds and below freezing temperatures with our icy paws and fingers and tingling noses.  Often we are the only ones on the entire beach.  We watch the sand travel in on full moon high tides and shift out with the draw of heavy surf.  We keep company with the seabirds, snails, crabs, and clams and admire the few other hearty souls and trusty dogs who too walk the shore in crystal bitter cold waiting for the days to lengthen and warm.  Maine winter lasts so very long, yet when summer comes we must share it's gift.

Thank you for this day, and our daily bread, and mostly for sun.  I took time to note, to notice, and to be before making preparations for the routine of the day.  A warm sunny day in early May truly is a blessing, especially when you don't have to share it.  They'll all be here soon enough.

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