Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Blues Clues

I've been looking forward to blue day since I started looking for know, around.  Today it is here.  I realized  part way through the day that although blue is my most favorite color, that I was having a hard time finding it.  I had found it with ease when it wasn't blue day, but today it seemed to be hiding on me. 

My day did not allow time to head to the beach where the whole Atlantic Ocean would classify as blue.  There was definitely blue sky above, but it's got to be better than just pointing the camera up.  So my collecting of blue made me a little blue, but in the end, I was successful. 

When I walked into the library, I saw a lot of blue books, but decided on this magazine display in the teen section.  The blue mags on the top shelf, along with the MAD grabbed my blue attention.  There's something about this photo I find is today's favorite for me.

The driver of this truck saw me snap a photo and yelled "you can have the whole truck if you want!"  He had no idea it wasn't about the beer, it was about the blue.  I don't think I've ever tried a Samuel Adams.  Perhaps I should; ice cold beer on a hot day might hit the spot.

The heat today felt like early July, 90's rather than pre-Memorial Day Maine cool.  I took Tula for a short run in the woods not anticipating any blue anywhere.  The mossy liken on this felled branch was a blue surprise.

I mentioned the enticing blue sky today.  When Tula paused for a little sip from this stream, I noticed the sky's reflection on the water.  When one is looking for blue in the woods, one must really be alert.  Thank you Tula Dot!

Outside the library is a lovely faerie garden designed especially for children.  This sweet little faerie looked blue through my sunglasses.  She may be green, but for the sake of blue day, I'm going to say she's blue.  Her mood looks a little pensive, so perhaps she really is blue.

Blue hat, blue rain coat, blue walls.....Did I mention that I like blue?

This colorful birdhouse was also at the library in the faerie garden.  If I were a bird, I might like to live in a place like this.  Hopefully the children visiting the garden don't scare the birds away.  It would be a shame if no bird family occupied this tidy little home.  Location, location, location.

I have a blue desk at the office.  Shows my creative spirit in the land of deeds, contracts, title searches, home inspections, and all the resulting paperwork they produce.  Good thing my boss loves me....with my feet up, I look like I'm hardly working, not working hard, which is closer to reality.

My house is blue.  I remember when I first bought it, I didn't care for the color.  Now I don't mind it so much and it's wwwaaaayyyyyy too much work to paint it another color.  This is working for me.

When I attended my West African drumming class this evening I took my camera in hopes of finding one more interesting blue subject to photograph.  When asked what I was looking for and I said something blue....these two hopped up and said "look at all our blue; this will work perfectly for you."  I didn't have the heart to tell them it wasn't quite what I was after.  They said they were interesting because they were intergenerational.  So they are, and good drummers too.

Looking for blue was a tough job, but it had to be done.  Betcha dollars to doughnuts blue will be everywhere tomorrow when I'm not looking for it.  A little Murphy's blue law.  I'm thinking about going on the hunt for shapes next.  Hmmmm.


curious girl (lisa) said...

ah yes. this is exactly what color week is for! lovely spotting!

Laloofah said...

First of all let me just say.. "Hey, how come the library didn't have a faerie garden when I lived there?!" >:-(

Actually, that scowly face has no business being in a comment on this post, because I enjoyed your Blue Wednesday (pity Tuesday wasn't blue day, we could have called it Bluesday!) :-)

I love the beautiful, pensive faerie (and clearly, the idea of a faerie garden at the library - or anywhere!) I'm going along with you completely that she's blue. And I thought your most clever photo was the one of the fragments of blue sky reflected in the stream. (Good girl, Tula!)

BW thinks Sam Adams Boston Ale is excellent (and he's a homebrewmeister, so this is high praise!)

You get to bring your dog to work AND go barefoot? Those aren't bad working conditions! :-)

I think your house is pretty... looks sharp with the white trim!

So, was blue everywhere today? It never fails. Funny you'd mention looking for shapes next - I was thinking that the other day, that shapes might be fun when you want a break from doing colors!

LOL - I just had a fun memory pop into my head. All this talk about colors, and which color is today's color, reminded me of how we used to try to guess the color Uncle Tom's "variables" each day! Remember that? :-)

Dorian Susan said...

Yes.....the variables. I briefly thought of that on my way to lunch when I met Tom in December before he bailed on Maine and moved to Tampa.
I will let you know if I decide to do the shapes thing...I'm giving it serious thought. We could do it at the same time and compare notes....just like in algebra.
And I agree with you, Tula is very good at finding the most clever stuff. You should check out curious girls blog. That girl can take some awesome pics.
And yes...plenty of blue today, of course. :)

Laloofah said...

Hi, Sue!
Did I ever reply to your letter about your lunch with Uncle Tom? I know I answered it in my head, but can't remember if it ever left my head and made its way to you!! LOL - I do that all the time. I'd forgotten he moved to Tampa. Have you stayed in touch since then?

Let me know if/when you decide to do the shapes thing. Depending on how much time I'd have available, I'd love to play along! Some shapes would be a particular challenge if I have to look for them here, vs. in town!

I'll check out Curious Girls' photos. "Plenty of blue today, of course" -- ha, figures! :-)

Happy Friday!