Thursday, May 20, 2010

Color in Violets

You may have noted that yesterday my blog was about yellow and orange.  I decided to continue to search my world for color and the color du jour is purple.  I am glad I'm searching for color.  It reminds me that tho' my musical world now feels primarily black and white, my visual world is loaded with vibrant colors.  Note to self: I think you've been focusing on the wrong sense.

Here in Maine finding purple flowers this time of year is easy, peasy, Japanesey....too easy.  I found multitudes of lilacs, Siberian iris, lupine, iris, phlox, and pansies.  I did photograph some, but that didn't feel like much of a challenge, so I soldiered on.

This was my final purple find of the day.  I know they call it red wine, but let's fess's purple.  Purple enough for me.  It is a lovely spring evening and I dined al fresco.  If one dines al fresco, they absolutely must have a glass of purple wine to go with it.  As a disclaimer....the wine is now inside with me at the computer.  If my clarity lessens as my post goes on, well, you'll be among the first to know why.

I practically tripped over this FedEx drop box on my way for morning coffee.  "Good morning!  You've found purple."  I've walked by this location many times....noticed the drop point, but not the vibrant purple.  I dusted the purple section with my sleeve before photographing....dusty purple, not!

Yah, yah. I know I said no flowers, but these Siberian iris buds I found so enticing, I had to include them.  I love the way the green mutes the purple, creating almost a red wine color.  Soon they will show their royal purple magnificence.  I'm not much for gardening and am delighted these will make my neighbors think I know what I'm doing.  Take that, Jones'.

This young man cast his purple shirt aside and caught some rays....and bikini views at the beach.

I sensed I might find some purple amongst all the grays, whites, browns, and tans at the rocky beach.  Growing up near the ocean teaches you things you don't realize.

This is my favorite photo of the day.  Dannah always has the most interesting and artistic displays.  Today she had the French doors wide open to let in the warm spring air.  All I did was point and shoot, Dannah deserves all the credit.  Look at all those beautiful scarves and necklaces.

Check out the fun funky purple around the door and window....and two for one....the shop next door is painted a pale purple.  Stop the car and take a picture for sure.

I stopped at the Franciscan monastery today in my search for purple.  There is a large outdoor altar with a statue of the Virgin Mary, larger than life size on the grounds.  People leave all kinds of things including messages asking for prayer and guidance, flowers, candles, money, and personal tokens.  The altar is surrounded by a natural rock outcropping.  I spied these rosary beads tucked in a crevice below Mary.

For my last purple I just can't resist these lupine.  Beautiful purple flowers were everywhere today and these are just too lovely not to share.  Don't you think?

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Laloofah said...

I love all these photos (well, except maybe for the FedEx drop box -- as a UPS family, we try not to use the "F Word." LOL), but the lupine is my favorite! Our lupine are just now starting to bloom here, and they are beautiful, but much shorter and much bluer than yours. Those lupine you photographed are glorious. Do they live in your yard? I agree that they were just too lovely not to share! :-)