Friday, May 28, 2010

Good Morning; You've Got Mail

I get an email first thing this morning from someone I don't know.  It's junk email, but from Theresa Somebody-or-Other so it looks like real email from a real person.  Yah, right.  In the subject line it says "your challenges are my challenges".  Hmmmmm. 

How the hell does Theresa Somebody-or-Other have a clue what my challenges are?  Does she know that one of my challenges is how to get my precious sweet lovable cat to stop waking me up repeatedly in the night with her tickly whiskers?  Does she know I need to buy a new car, get a new roof put on my house,  a new deck, and garage door, but that there's no cash flow to do these things with?  Does she know I'd love to go back to college but don't know what I'd like to study?  Does she know how to make me prepare better meals rather than eating breakfast cereal most of the time?  These are the same challenges that she has? I think not Ms. Theresa Somebody-or-Other.

I'm sure if I just open her email, "shaa-zaam", all these challenges and more will be answered within moments.  I'm sure Theresa Somebody-or-Other is an amazing woman that can make the impossible possible like Mary Poppins....once begun is half done and with a teaspoon of sugar......Hmmmm.  DELETE!  One challenge gone.....bye, bye Theresa.

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Laloofah said...

LOL - oh, poor Theresa, she was just trying to reach out and be helpful, and you deleted her butt, you heartless fiend. ;-)

No doubt if you'd opened your mail you'd have just had additional challenges... like 55 spams every day for discounted Viagra, new malware on your hard drive, or a Russian mail-order bride showing up on your doorstep!

What I don't get is how enough people must fall for all these spamming fraudsters and their transparent schemes to make it well worth their while to keep doing so much of it, which I find absurd! Everyone I know detests spam and can't hit the delete key fast enough! (Except my father-in-law, who loves to forward it. Bah!)