Monday, May 3, 2010

Hot 'Nuff for Ya?

Someone just accused me of only posting the weather report on my FB page.  Huh?  WTFI almost never mention the weather on my FB page.  That would be like small talk at a party....I hate small talk at a party or anywhere else for that matter.  I do not excel at small talk.  Maybe I don't like it because I think I'm not good at it.  I think I don't like it because it seems phony and insincere, but perhaps there's more (or less) to it than that.

Funny I took some offense at this weather remark.  Who cares what one posts in the "what's on your mind" box on the FB page?  But as soon as I got back to my computer I had to check if that is what I post and am delighted to report that it is not.  Only 2 weather references in the last 2 weeks of posting.  That's legit, me thinks.  Can one not note an exceptionally lovely day without getting their ass verbally kicked?

Funny thing is, this accusation came from someone who rarely posts anything at all.  A creeper.  FTLoG. What the hell does she know about posting and weather and what my stupid inane remarks mean anyway?  Take that you non-poster; you impostor; you weather channel watching....Oh all right enough.  Maybe she had me confused with someone else.

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