Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lookin' for Light

What the fuck?
How long does it take
To see the light?

Summer was here tonight.
I felt it in the hour before dusk.
Freeing the day's disappointments.
For a flickering moment
I saw the light
In the wisp of Tula's tail.

And then the pictures came.
The frustrated confused pictures
Of animals and embarrassments.
Of failure and darkness.

Up and down.
Her little feet giggle in the swing.
She delights in life's ride.
How can she know more than me
Before she's even two?

The purr pillow shifts,
Tickles, marches.
"Come on mama....see the light.
I'm bringing it to you all the time,
Just let it in."

Let your little light shine, shine, shine.
There are angels hovering 'round.
When I was sinking down,
Friends to me gathered 'round.
Walking in the light of God.

The medium is there,
I only need reach out and take it.
'Tis such a long lonely stretch
Between here and there.

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