Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Place or Yours?

As much as I'd like to be, today I am not looking for color. Today I am looking for dirt and clutter and so far I'm having complete success.  Tomorrow the appraiser is coming as I am refinancing my home to save me a little moo-lah-lah each month on my mortgage payment.  While I realize that dirt and clutter add nor subtract any value to a home, I think my home would look more, je ne sais quoi....."Better Homes and Gardens" without the piles of mail, dusty TV screens, tumbling tumbleweeds of dog and cat hair, clothes that are somewhere between wear again and hamper, and assorted other schtuff that I walk by daily without a thought or blink of the eye.  I don't want the appraiser to trip over the cat hair on the way in.

As a Realtor I see a lot of houses.  I am awed sometimes by how others live.  Awe comes in the good and bad variety.  I see so much of it, that often I don't even really see it anymore.  I walk into a home and get a sense of "neat and tidy", or "Oh my God".  Most of the time it's somewhere between those two extremes which is where I think my house falls.  I'd like it to fall a little closer to neat and tidy when the appraiser comes tomorrow.

It is to note how much we can ignore in our own homes that would smack us up the side the head if we wandered into someone else's house.  I often show houses to clients and as they consider whether the house interests them or not they remark, "this color has to go" or "why did they put this here?" or "this is so strange; I've never seen anything like it." I've stopped trying to figure out why people do what they do to and with their houses.  It works for and let live.  Funny how each of us has our own "normal" that the rest of the world finds eccentric.

I'm blogging now, not because I have great things to say, but merely to procrastinate the next item on the list of dirt or clutter or both.  There has been progress this morning, but I anticipate I'll be working and finding "more" to tidy most of the day.

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