Monday, May 31, 2010

Natural Blessings

I'm very lucky.  My family for the last 40 +/- years has owned a cottage home on the coast of Maine.  It is located in a small fishing village, population 500-600 in winter months, and larger when the weather turns and the artists, summer folk, and tourists make the 12 mile journey down the peninsula for lobster and inspiration. 

When I say on the coast of Maine, I literally mean on the coast of Maine.  At times it is easy to take this scene and serenity for granted; it is a place I spent much time as a child and it's "been there" for me ever since.  When I share the location with someone new a look of awe comes over them and reminds me of my good fortune.  I've been interested in photos lately, so this weekend I spent time looking with new eyes at the blessings surrounding me.

View from the deck late afternoon.

These rocks have looked like this for as long as I can remember.  I am always intrigued by their curvy stripes and by the beige and orange hues.

A skiff tied near seaglass beach; grace indeed.

Nature's rock tower.

Five Islands' Farm for native plants, vegetables, and for red wine.

Beach peas.

Bushy Nut Forever....this rural graffiti has been here for years.  I think someone keeps refreshing it, maybe Bushy Nut.
Foot bridge in the woods.

Picnic by the sea.

Lobster trap with barnacles.

Clams, haddock, shrimp, onion rings, and caps.

My companion's stealth has faultered.

I could hear frogs but could only see lily pads and blossoms.

Thank you for taking a walk with me and my camera.  There are many more sights I likely missed, but I'm happy to have spotted the ones I did.

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Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!
I've been wanting to comment on this post for a while and haven't had adequate time. Figured I'd better get to it today before it vanishes into the archives! :-)

That view from the deck of your family cottage is sure lovely... so serene. Don't you just feel tension evaporate as you gaze at it?

I love the second photo, of the striated, multicolored rocks. I'm a rock hound, and though I know next to nothing about rock geology, I always notice them and usually come home with at least one especially fetching one in my pocket. I'd love to know what alchemy of surf, salt water and minerals made those colors and textures in your beach rocks.

How synchronistic that you'd spy a boat named Grace (a boat painted your favorite color, no less) as you were on the lookout for the blessings that surround you!

Love the colorful tableau outside the Five Islands' Farm shop... did you rub the Happy Buddha's belly for good fortune? :-)

I have never heard of Beach Peas! They're very pretty. It looks like the flowers are on trailing vines, am I seeing that right?

I think that's one of the prettiest footbridges I've ever seen (what's it constructed of?), and am especially smitten with the lovely fern in the bottom right corner!

My absolute favorite photo is the one of the lily pads and blossom. I find lily pads utterly charming, and the composition of the photo is wonderful... the tranquil water, the lily pads and spears of grass, and that wonderful old decomposing tree beautifully framing the water lily's subtle little splash of color... I think you've got a great photographer's eye!

(Too bad the frogs were incognito... they could teach Tula a lesson in stealth! LOL)

Thanks for sharing some of the lovely sights from your cottage getaway weekend! :-)