Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paging Table 1

I'm at the Subaru "lounge", again.  Two weeks ago I wrote of the aggravation of a diva-esque car that keeps my money flow going in the wrong direction.  Alas here we are again.  Maybe my car is a hypochondriac.

The lounge itself isn't that bad.  The space is sunny, clean, and large enough to hold 10 or so people fairly comfortably.  There are magazines.....a moderate selection, the daily newspaper, tables and chairs to sit at, and 2 computer which I started "hogging" about 10 minutes ago.  The other thing they have is an average quality TV on the wall complete with the remote control located on table 1.

It is that TV that is pressing on one of my few remaining nerves this afternoon.  When I arrived it was on a news station with constant footage of President Obama blabbering on with his whistling "S's" about the situation with BP oil spill in the gulf.  While the situation is horrible, frustrating, and on a path that seems to have no that the government and politics have become involved, I don't want to listen to anything about it.  Once something becomes political no one will ever know the real truth about anything that is going on, that happened, will happen, or solutions.  It will just melt into a huge ugly mass (pardon the pun) of finger pointing, denial, and money spending. Let me know when it's been resolved.

Blessedly an older woman with a cane sitting at table 1 became as disgusted as myself and changed the channel.  Yes!!!  No....she changed it to the "TV Land" channel.  I've never heard of the "TV Land" channel likely because I gave up my cable TV subscription nearly 2 years back.  With my handy digital box I can get CBS, if the wind isn't blowing or there's no precipitation.  I am out of touch with what cable has to offer.  Perhaps that is best.

Anyhow, now TV Land is on and I'm trying to tune out Bonanza.  The same Bonanza I didn't watch as a kid.  I must give credit where due, it is in color.  A few minutes ago I glanced up to see Michael Landon's young face....wasn't his character called "little Joe"?  All I remember about Bonanza was during the opening credits they showed fire burning up a map.  Then I think Mom said "time for bed."  I wasn't allowed to stay up late.

The lady with the cane....her car was ready about 1/2 hour ago so she's gone, but no sooner had she vacated her chair when an older couple arrived and promptly planted at table 1.  I think he's kind of interested in Bonanza or it could be that they have no clue that table 1 is in control of the remote control.  In between the chatter of Bonanza there are ads that come on.  Most are about medications that one can take to control blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, acid reflux, and an assortment of other unwanted conditions. This station must cater to older folks. Right now the ad is for "the Scooter Store" me Jesus. 

Meanwhile I have at least a hour more before Dane is going to come breezing through and tell me I'm "all set."  I've learned that "all set" is a temporary state of being.  I mean....I was just here 2 weeks ago!!  I was "all set" for exactly 12 days.  Also "all set" comes at a price.  Today's price will include 4 new tires (cha-ching), an alignment (cha-ching) and a new rear windshield wiper motor (cha-ching)....but I'll be "all set".
How much are the new cars?  Maybe when I get one of those I truly will be "all set".

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