Monday, May 24, 2010

Ready for Red

Last week I started looking for colors in my day to day travels....which often aren't very far and wide.  I didn't latch on to this idea until last Wednesday so I missed some colors.  No one says you can't continue to look for colors whenever the hell you want.  I am the master of my own blog destiny, so more colors it is.

Suffice to say-today is red day for me, myself, I, and anyone else who would like to check out my pics. I went looking for red, especially red that caught my eye unexpectedly or delightfully.  Red often is a statement color.  It is for alarms, danger, emergencies, warnings.  It is also for passion, heat, boldness....and anger, frustration, and rage.  In almost any setting it is intense.

Red is a color that goes in and out of favor with me.  Mostly I'd say I like the color. I go through periods of wanting red clothes and things, and then times of avoiding those same red clothes and tiring of said red belongings.  My home uses red as an accent color...just enough around to keep things interesting.  I like red foods especially anything with a tomato base, but nothing spicy.  I'm a bland kind of girl, I guess.  I had no trouble finding red today and I enjoyed my search.

I like this picture.  It is one of my favorites from today.  I love how subtle the red is, hiding amongst all the green leaves that are stating in deep voices: "This is our time of year".  I found these just by chance while walking Tula this morning on a wooded path.

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful area I'm blessed to live in.  I was photographing something across the street and turned around to see this magnificent barn with it's sensible metal roof.

They don't call it Patton's Berry Farm for nothing.  Best farm stand around for fresh foods and flowers.  Growing up I remember going there with my parents...long time quality reputation in the area.  I had stopped to take a shot of the huge display of red geraniums, but this photo appealed to me much more so.

This shady photo may be my favorite today.  This tired old shed isn't far from my home.  The Wilson Brothers own the property. Their business is yard work, basic landscaping, snow removal, etc.  There is no residence, no sign, or business at the site, it's simply a couple run down sheds for storage. It continually amazes me that these brothers, both at least in their late 60's, hang all their tools outdoors, day and night, year 'round and no one steals them.  How refreshing.  Perhaps they keep a Doberman in the shed and I don't know about it.

Our family once had a visitor from Brooklyn NY fascinated by mailboxes.  She didn't know what they were for and couldn't understand why no one stole what was inside.  We had to explain how mail is delivered in rural areas and if you want your outgoing mail to be picked up, to alert the postal deliverer with a raised red flag.  Today #155 has nothing outgoing, but the neighbor does.

Boat for sale!  I have a friend who says "Everything is more fun in a costume."  I think she's crazy....but everything IS more fun in a boat.

My beloved djembe drum.  The roping holds taut the goat skin head against the wood frame.  This drum was made in the Ivory Coast, Africa.  I probably should have used this for purple day, but I can see red making a dainty appearance.  I could also include more drum shots if I decide to do a brown day at some point.  I love my drum.

I stopped to take a picture of this cupola.  Then thought I could get a "two-fer" by including the flag too.  I backed up another step and obtained the triple crown when I added the leaves of a nearby red maple.  Sometimes I even amaze myself.  This is the top of the former Cousin's Street Elementary School where I attended kindergarten and 1st grade.  The building was recently restored and expanded into tasteful but inexpensive apartments.

These are some vegetables I actually like.  I was truly called "no veggies" by the women who worked in the cafeteria at college because I never wanted any vegetables they were serving.  Notice the hint of red on the rhubarb in the background.  Reminds me of my late grandmother who often made strawberry rhubarb jam in the late spring/early summer.

It has been so long since I've had a Coke I don't remember if it's the real thing or not.  For many years it was one of the major food groups in my diet, starting with breakfast.  This bold image certainly endures.  I recently sold my Coca-Cola stock, but I'll buy it again when it becomes a good value.  I don't think I'll start drinking it for breakfast again though....unless someone offers cold leftover pizza to go with it.

That's all for my tour du jour of red big and small.  I don't know if tomorrow will be another color day, or if I'll let it rest a bit.  We'll see what whim defines me tomorrow.  I must say I enjoy looking for colors.  It creates opportunity to see things from a different angle and with fresh purpose.  I think of the expression "stop and smell the roses"....another sense that often gets little thought.  Thanks for looking.


Lorena said...

I like your idea of following color, I often am fascinated by the colors of stuff around me in my rural community. I loved your interest- getting organized- not many people have that as an interest but it's something I'm working on too

Dorian Susan said...

Hey Lorena-Thanks. I'm usually oblivious to colors around me therefore making this a good and fun exercise for me. As for being always feels good. I've become a little lazy so I'm trying to catch up to my comfort level again. Visit again sometime. :)