Friday, May 21, 2010

Sorpresa Verde

That's's green day.  Maine is brimming over with spring, green, and sunshine; even a caveman could find green today.  I could step out in my yard, do a 360, and come up with hundreds of green photos.  My personal challenge was to find green, but not in such obvious places.  My mission: the unexpected green.

I'm not crazy about the color green.  I do like green in nature.  It speaks of energy and liveliness, of warmth and sunshine, of living in a small town and not a city. But aside from that, I don't choose clothing that is green very often, and my house doesn't have much green inside.  I have trouble remembering and finding green clothes for St. Patrick's Day, and doing the green beer thing was a once in a lifetime experience for me.  It is not a color that draws me in, but today I did find plenty of interesting greens that I would normally have ignored.

The new Hannaford supermarket had plenty of green shampoo bottles on display today.  And look!,  something is on sale for $2.99.  Probably Suave.

This is a lousy photograph, but I turned around my car and went back just to take it.  I have no idea who Nala Stone is, but today she turns 18.  It says so, right on this fluorescent green sign.  Notice just by chance I caught the green light in the traffic flow too.

Confession:  I took this photograph at the monastery on purple day in anticipation of today being about green.  I found this angel very pleasing and delicate.  It seems almost a shame to have her holding such a utilitarian modern day light fixture, but it too is green.

I took my sweet dog Tula Dot to the beach today.  She wandered through the blowing grasses-probably trying to run away from the camera.  The wind caught the tip of her tail and the tall, dry, yellow-green stalks.

Squishy green mossy stuff on the sand.  Glad I didn't have bare feet today.

Look at the green flowers on Tula's collar. Pretty girl.

Not only have I never noticed the ivy growing on the roof line of this house, I've never noticed this house before.  As we might say in the real estate business....needs some TLC.

This afternoon at the office I was thinking I could use one more green picture and was running up against a block.  Nothing was popping out at me.  As I stared off in space out the window my doggy decor caught my eye.  And then I looked at the huge shingled roof that is the bulk of my view.....all green.  Duh!

My favorite picture of the day.  I love clean lines and sharp angles.  A lovely 3rd story doghouse dormer.

I actually did a quick tour of my backyard this morning.  This picture reminds me of my mother.  She loves the look of new growth that all the fir trees spit out in the spring.  The new tips are always a yellow-green that darkens to forest green as the year progresses.  This tree has grown as tall as I am yet was only knee high 3 years ago.

That's it for my adventures with green.  Tomorrow is multi-color day, but I'm going to have to pass.  I'll be at a concert all day where everyone has to wear purple and black.  That's leaving a lot of colors out, so never mind.

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Laloofah said...

Hi, Sue!

I'm so glad you told me about your blog! I haven't had nearly as much time as I'd like to visit your posts (you are prolific!), but I hope to do some catching up as time allows. For now, I wanted to tell you I've really enjoyed your "daily color" posts! What a fun theme! You've been really creative and your photos are wonderful! My favorite green ones are the sea vegetation on the beach, the dormer window, the stained glass dog with the green shingles behind her, and the ones of sweet Tula. :-) (Love her pretty collar!) Green and purple are my favorite colors, and I actually do wear a lot of green and have a lot of it in my house. Drive a green car, too (but on green beer, I'll pass), so I especially enjoyed today's and yesterday's photos.

I laughed at your "needs TLC" photo. (Out here they'd say, "Ready for your personal touches!" ;-) It looks like they were busy siding or painting and then quit! Maybe they didn't want to disturb the ivy. :-)

I hope Nala Stone is having a great 18th birthday, whoever she is!

You blog like an old pro, I'm really enjoying your writing and photography. And yay, I'm your first follower!

More from me soon, enjoy your weekend and your black and purple concert! :-)

Love back to you,