Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stepping Lightly

"When you pray, move your feet."
I heard this Native American proverb a couple weekends ago while listening to a talk radio station.  The interviewer's guest was promoting his book on inspired leadership. The book didn't interest me much, but this expression has remained with me.  That is unusual for me...normally these thought-provoking tidbits breeze in one ear, circle 'round my brain, and slip out the other ear into a vast irretrievable nether region.  I may be gaining a new more mature focus, or maybe my mind just had available space for such things on that particular afternoon.

I like this saying.  It speaks to me, though I'm not much for prayer in traditional sense.  I haven't bargained or pleaded much with God which may point to the good favor I've lived with for most of my life.  I wouldn't call myself lucky, maybe just fortunate.  Asking God for help, insight, relief, or nurturing is fine as long as you are asking yourself to participate in the request as well.  Sustainability in the most pure sense.

When hard times to befall, and they always do and always will, may I have the strength to seek God's providence and also keep my moccasins moving forward.

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