Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tom-Boy Tinkerbell

Last night I went to a princess party.  WHAT?  I said I; I Susan Downing, went to a princess party.  WTF?  There were big diamond rings and tiaras and I actually wore both, tho' only the ring in public.  Funny thing is, I didn't die wearing the tiara....the tiara with Tinkerbell atop. I wore the tiara long enough so I almost forgot it was there.  And....I actually carried on normal conversation, laughed, and acted like my usual self while wearing a big ring and tiara, just like the rest of the invited guests and the guest of honor.  No one took away my birthday while I was wearing these girlie things.

There were those blowy party thing-a-ma-bobs too.  You know a decorated cardboard tube....fatter than a straw, thinner than a paper towel roll, with that colorful curled up crinkly paper at the end. Where the two are joined the joint is surrounded by glittery tinsel-like trimming.  When you blow into it the crinkly paper unfurls out straight about a foot and then when you stop blowing it recoils back into place.  You know what I'm talking about.  What are those things called anyway?  I think having those "things" there did take the edge off the tiaras a bit.  They gave a tom-boy edge to the tiaras....yes, the tiaras with the Tinkerbell atop.

There was some intense discussion over slivers of cake with dollops of ice cream whether in fact we were dressed as princesses or fairies and the pros and cons of each.  I think this particular conversation strain was far beyond my pay grade and level of understanding.  Apparently one of these, either the princess or the fairie, is better than the other because it's more "real".  This entire topic is mind boggling and so far removed from fantasy football, blue jeans, and drumming that it doesn't really make sense to me at all.

This morning I am sad.  My big honking pseudo diamond ring has gone missing.  Maybe I took it off in the car on the way home and it slipped from my pocket.  I do still have my tiara with the Tinkerbell atop however.  One should never mix wine and never ends up pretty.  I'm hopeful that the ring will turn up later.  Party on.

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