Friday, May 14, 2010

Waiting in the Subaru "lounge"

Do you love your car?  I don't know if I do love my car.  My car is a 1999 white Subaru Legacy Wagon and when I come to the dealership for service I like to remind them that it is a "30th anniversary edition"....wooo.  I suppose 11 years ago this seemed like a big deal, but now it is of no consequence.  Anyhow, I have loved my car; I have not fallen out of love with my car, but somehow the thrill is gone.  The honeymoon period has turned to dust, and I'm making due with a car I give thanks for, appreciate its dependability, but with which I'm tiring of its high maintenance diva-esque persona.

Today my 1999 white Subaru Legacy Wagon is in the shop.  Routine stuff, but routine has become expensive.  I find myself delighted if I am in and out of the "shop" with a bill of $250 or less.  Today I will not be delighted when I again sit behind the wheel at least $1,000 poorer than when I dropped the vehicle off this morning.  'Twould not be so bad had I not paid $2,300 less than 6 months ago for a new clutch and part of a new transmission, and $900 8 or 9 months before that for all new brakes.  My dear Subaru I am tapped out.  Please.....oh yes and the car needs new tires, so there'll be another $350 bill to come.

My car has 165,000 miles on it.  If I could afford a new one, well hell, I'd buy one.  When I reflect on how much I've spent putting band-aids on it over the last year and a half, I realize I've paid out the equivalent of a moderate car payment if you stretch it out over the months.  Alas, now I need to drive this one until the wheels fall off to make it worth my trouble.  Perhaps that is not the best phrase to select to describe my Legacy's remaining time with me.  A vision of me tooling down the highway at 70 mph and the wheels rolling off is definitely unsettling.  Forget I said that.

On a positive note....the car is comfy.  It is easy to drive and rides smoothly.  When it is freshly washed the white paint still sparkles and shines, and I love, love, love the "moon roof"....tell me that's any different than a sun roof.  Keep rolling my friend, my tired love....carry me through 'til the recession eases and the money flows again....and do me a favor.  Stop being so high maintenance.

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