Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

I have no idea why the chicken would cross the road, but just yesterday I saw a turkey cross the road....tippy toeing into the woods as I cruised by in my car.  Turkeys do that funny "thing" with their necks.  Hmmm.  I see other animals cross the road as well.  In my neighborhood there are several cats who skitter across the road.  I think they're out mousing, which is fine by me.  Often squirrels cross the road, the yard, the roof top, the electric wires; they just like to cross things I guess.  It is never good when a skunk is crossing the road.  Watch out and steer clear.  Once a deer crossed the road just before I got there but unfortunately the deer's crossing was in tandem with a huge pick-up truck.  That was not a good result for either party.
My mother taught me to cross the road when I was four or five.  We practiced looking both ways on our way to and back from the mailbox on our quiet side street.  Just last week I heard my sister in law teaching my nephew how to cross their driveway.  That apparently is the pre-cursor to learning how to cross the road.
There are those times, and I've come on them fairly frequently, when you come to a crossroads in the journey of life.  You stop and check out all the possibilities and select one.  The only one you can't take is the avenue you've just arrived on.  Life does not go backwards.  "Can't go back" said the little retarded lady....words of wisdom from the slumped over figure attending to her jigsaw puzzle.  I think we'd all like to imagine we're in Robert Frost's back pocket and choosing the road less traveled....but somebody had to have selected the more popular means to get there....wherever their there may have been.
I don't know why or how or when the chicken crossed the road, but if she was like the rest of us it was rather frequently and for good cause.

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