Friday, May 7, 2010

Working Girls

Friday afternoon at the office. Blah, blah, blah.  Outside the windows the sun and breezes beckon...but no.  I am stuck here in the quietude.  The phone is quiet, my work demands are quiet, my mood is quiet, but I must sit here until the big hand reaches 12 and the little one points to 5 never-the-less.  Then I can go, get on with my weekend, my time that's unspoken for.

My office companion today is my beloved Tula.  Tomorrow the remnants of her shedding yellow hair will betray today's presence near the window.  She is not bored as she is "working" with Mom rather than home waiting for something exciting to happen.

Tula and I take turns glancing out the windows upon the world.  I see the back of her head from my desk and watch the twitch of her ears as she considers the scene.  My view is limited to a rooftop out one, and street view out the other with it's passing vehicles, pedestrians, and bikers.  Tula can see more from her vantage point, but she has no comfy chair, no computer access to help her pass the time, and no opposable thumbs with which to use said computer if she had one.  She did bark at the young woman who stopped by to drop off her deposit check about an hour ago.  Being a working dog does have its moments.

Less than an hour left.  I think we just must make it.

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