Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yellow on Wednesday

I'm new to it about a month now.  After I post something I often take time to push the "next blog" button to see what others are doing and often I'm amazed.  Yesterday I happened upon a blog called randomness, with a small r.  I loved it and it made me wish my brain thinks like hers.  That's when copying and ripping off what you like comes into play.

Her idea, which I think she may have borrowed from someone else, was to focus on a different color palate each day this week.  Tuesday had been blue and today was yellow/orange day.  I was immediately struck by this idea and announced to myself..."I could make it yellow/orange day as well."  Whereas her photos are artistic and beautiful, mine seem rather ordinary, but hey....I'm a musician, not a visual artist...I have excuses for mundane photograph subjects.  So today I went searching for yellow and orange.

First thing this morning while getting my cup o' Joe I noticed this splash of color in my dish drainer.  I love this mug with all it's cheerful colors and the scissors surprised me-an ordinary item that I rarely give thought to its pleasing hue.

I met my best friend at lunch time and noted these luscious lemon poppy seed muffins in the bakery case....but I was good and didn't have one.

These small yellow bumper stickers are showing up all over town.  "Don't tread on me" was a flag from back in revolutionary times.  Politics....a very odd thing.  Someone always has themselves all worked up over something the other guys are doing.  I steer clear of the whole mess.

Beautiful pansies for sale at the locale garden center.  Not many customers today in the rainy weather.

I saw lots and lots and lots of construction equipment today.  I could have taken 20 different photos of similar vehicles.  Most were parked and unattended....I guess rainy days give the workers a day off.

When I turned around....I spotted this beautiful orange door.

Dinner on the run.

This was my favorite yellow that I found today.  I spotted these neon eye glasses way down the street and had to pull over to snap my photo.  Very cool.

My last yellow for the day.... I found when I walked into dress rehearsal.  My director uses post-it notes to help her remember anything important she needs to tell the chorus or add to her rehearsal.  Apparently many things are important!

I loved doing this kept my black mood in check and helped me create sunny thoughts on a rainy day.  I think I'll do it again tomorrow....I wonder what the color for Thursday is.

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