Saturday, June 5, 2010

Are You Living Simply?

In the kitchen I've been totally uninspired lately.....meaning even less inspired than my customary drab, boring, and repetitive meal choices.  Most of my meals could be referred to as breakfast. Like Denny's I make breakfast (for myself) at any point in the day.  The other meal choice is red wine with a side of baked Tostitos scoop chips. It clearly states on the Tostitos bag "you have just made a good choice" reference to the baked vs. whatever else they do to Tostitos when they're not baked....but I'm sure they don't realize that I'm eating baked scoops for dinner. This would not masquerade as a good choice for anyone....tho' it is vegetarian.

Anyway, my preferred cereal for the last couple months is Life.  I think I may actually be trying to get a life and therefore my attachment to it.  But, true confession time, I'm also trying to save money, so I no longer buy Life I buy the grocery store brand equivalent costing about 80 cents less per box.  The store brand can't be called Life, but it is called "Simply Living". 

This morning I had nothing else to consider so I was letting the difference between Life and Simply Living flow through my sleepy still hazy mind.  Life vs. Simply Living.  Certainly there is no difference in the taste or quality of the cereals....but what about the philosophical ramifications?  Is life simply living?  Oh may be.  Perhaps the question needs to go the other simply living life?  Or twist it again is living simply life?  OMG I need to engage in conversation with others out there in this big world more often if these are the thoughts I'm having while munching breakfast cereal no matter the time of day.

If I am simply living, than I am not seeking a life....I already have one.  I do think I am seeking a new life or maybe just wanting to put on an addition (in real estate speak) to what exists already. The ol' bucket list is a popular topic, but I don't have a bucket list.  I spoke recently with someone who said that we're all carrying around buckets full of stuff both good and bad and it would be okay to discard some of the bad stuff to make room for some good stuff.  That seems like putting on an addition after first tearing down the poorly built one. 

My something other than breakfast cereal.  Cereal makes your brain turn to mush.

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