Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blog beginnings

Dear Blog.... Have I told you lately that I love you?  Who'd have thought that this little stretch of world wide web space that I've been writing and posting pictures on could provide me such joy?  Certainly not me.  To think that I never blogged until this past April is now most unthinkable and unlikely, and is definitely unfortunate.  I have grown to enjoy this healthy addiction and somehow I feel that it's just a beginning.  Beginnings can be very good.

I was watching a show on Netflix the other night where a mother was trying to explain the sweetness of a first kiss to her young daughter.  She said something profound which I'll likely poorly paraphrase....she said "all the kisses that follow the first one, live in it's shadow".  The fact that I can remember it at all speaks to it's beauty in sentiment.  It rang very loud and clear to me.

That first kiss is a beginning....and hopefully unlike a first kiss, the beginnings of this blog are just the smallest grain of sugar on a large sugar-coated sugar cookie.  Blog....I'm really enjoying you, so thanks for being here.

Your author, photographer, and friend-

P.S.  A couple of nice photos that I didn't get a chance to post in the last few days.

Thank goodness Tula enjoys walking the woods with me.  We pass so many beautiful locales.

Too lovely not to photograph.
More sweet scenes from underneath a bridge. Merriland River at Harrisecket Road.

Pretty yellow something-or-others in the office garden.

Receding tide's leftover art.

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