Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Close to home

Tonight I threw a potato in the oven, grabbed my trusted friend Tula and my camera and did a "walk around the block."  I live on a quiet horseshoe shaped neighborhood street whose ends touch a busier but not busy road that runs from town to beach. 

I thought it might be a good challenge to find something nice to shoot in my neighbors' yards on my 1/2 mile loop with hound.  Stealing from the neighbors in a legal way, if you will.  I was limited to curb appeal....truly curb, as I don't suppose it is polite to go traipsing across thy neighbors' yards without first asking permission...well except for my across the street neighbors.  I knew they weren't home, and even if they were they wouldn't mind.  It's good fortune to have good rapport with your across the street neighbors.

Tula did not particularly like this walk....too slow, and we stopped next to things we never stop at.  For a timid dog with 10 million fear-filled hang ups, this is very stressful.  Anything that is not exactly the same as it always is, is stressful for Tula.  Rescuing has it's pluses and minuses....for instance, she doesn't chew on things and never has accidents in the house.  There's a flip side to everything though.  How scary can a hammock really be?  An empty hammock, that's not moving at all....sigh.....

On with the are some goodies we snagged thanks to the neighborhood.

These lovelies were surrounding a mailbox post.  They aren't day lilies, maybe some type of hybrid thingy....I guess I need to become better versed in flowers if I'm going to take pictures of them.  I liked the way the green leaves were kind of swirly underneath the blossom.  Science terminology has never been my strength and I'm okay with and accept that about myself.

One of us has more legs than this pic shows....just sayin'.

This is not the interesting shot I had hoped it might be (remember, I'm a beginner).  I'm simply including it to prove my point that it is NOT a scary item.

Line painters came out in the middle of the night last week.  Quality may suffer when work is finished on 3rd shift....but traffic flows better.

I'm going with pansies....though maybe the white ones are something else...not sure, pretty though.

It is hard to fathom how this photo beat out flower pictures for inclusion, but I liked the discoloration on the letters.  I'm quirky, what can I say?

The old spilling out of the tipped over flower pot trick. It's working for me.  More pansies.

My neighbors have a large patch of day lilies.  Some of the first blooms are just starting to appear....a little early this year.  A festival of orange right across the street, like a private show just for me, well and everyone else who passes by.

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