Thursday, June 24, 2010

Darkness and Thunder

Yah; okay....I hear ya.

There was a time I thought it would be interesting to keep a camera handy and photograph signs with messages, such as the above, that particularly hit home or caused me to laugh.  That was before my new interest in taking photos.  Tonight I took this....because I ended up nearly face to face with it with camera in hand.  Don't tell me there's not a God.  This might be God hitting me over the head...not sure.  I was actually taking a shot of this...

because it looked so lovely in the setting sun, when I all but ran into the sign.  Food for thought.  My brain is hungry.

Yesterday I had hardly a moment for indulging in photos, but did find these outside the Wells town office.  Very pretty indeed...not a clue what they are.

In the evening I did some drumming with my drum group and my friend Randy.  We met in his studio where he has amazing guitars, sitars, large and small percussion instruments, numerous flutes, and musical memorabilia.  The lighting wasn't good for grabbing any cool pics of his collection of more than 250 different instruments, but this close up of a bass drum worked.  Then the thunderous syncopated hand drumming started and the camera went into my pocket.

The last few days my mood has been dark and sallow.  I don't like feeling this way, but it happens and it hovers o'er me.  The weather has been muggy, much like I remember Florida being..sticky and uncomfortable and unhelpful to mood lifting.  This evening I took Tula to the beach in the humid air.  The sun and clouds were trading places and intertwining with one another decorating the sky.

At the end of the beach is a rocky area and a large summer home.  I spotted this lone chair looking out to sea from under this lone tree.  Tula and I puttered on the rocks....she in the seaweed, me with my camera.  As we headed back up the beach the clouds began getting the better of the sun.

Darkness in triplicate.  That lone chair next to that lone tree was no longer looking like a spot for respite.  I had left my hearing aids home so I didn't hear the thunder in the distance but was soon on the wrong end of Tula's leash having a dog sled ride back toward the car.  The little miss does NOT like thunder.

It was a ominous sky tho' I'm not sure my pictures capture the intense flavor.

Silly me, I was trying to get a picture of lightning.  Ha.  I'm going to be very impressed next time I see a photograph of a lightning bolt.  I took a bunch of this view hoping I might get lucky.....not so. 

This storm seemed to be primarily over the ocean and poor Tula was pressed as far into the back end of the car as possible, so I headed inland.  Something drew me to the cemetery between town and beaches and I'm glad it did.  Maybe it was the darkness in the sky mirroring the darkness of my emotions.  Driving amongst the headstones I saw familiar last names. Names I grew up with....Wentworth, Towne, Butler, Sheppard, Jackson, Smith, Curtis, Baum, Boothby, Doane....names that remind me of my youth, of where I come from.  I saw a headstone bearing my father's name, only with the wrong middle initial and dated in the 1800' if also seeing where I am going, where we all are.

Along the edge of the grounds was old fencing that caught me at the same time the sun began to again over take the darkness in the sky.

I don't know what it was about the strength of the granite post in contrast to the aged and broken pickets, but for some reason I liked this scene.

Most of the pickets along the border are now missing, but the stone pillars remain.

This bench was also near the cemetery border....I was receiving messages tonight from everywhere.  Grieve is some one's last name, not a suggestion....unless you might need it to be.  I love the stark difference between this undoubtedly costly bench and the simple wooden cross behind it.

Another message I missed tonight and only caught after I returned home and viewed my photos.  I found this a sweet tribute to one who must be longed for very much.

On the way home I stopped on Durrell's Bridge Road.  I've taken several photos of bridges.  I like crawling underneath them and seeing what's there.  Often the views are pretty amazing on one hand and pretty ugly on the other.

As the sun was firmly reasserting itself and fading at the same time, I shot this railing view.  Don't know why I like it, but I do.

I was happy with this capture as well.  I am hopeful my dark and sallow mood will soon be won over by light such as this....but with light, I see, there are always shadows as well.


Corinne said...

What an outing!
And yes, this weather is NOT what New England is supposed to be all about. It's driving me up a wall, tough to drag kids around w/ humidity. But that first picture of the sign? I love it :)

Laloofah said...

Another one I dug out of the archives to comment on! I don't know why you don't think you're much of a sky photographer, because you take some great sky/cloud pics! Love the first two on this post especially, but it's the first one that's a blue ribbon winner! The silhouettes of the Adirondack chair, lone tree and just a tantalizing bit of the oceanside home is so utterly evocative of a tranquil, languid summer evening by the shore. It's just perfect. Mark that one down to print as greeting cards to sell in the chichi shops! :-)

I love cemeteries. I find them interesting, peaceful and meditative, and always wonder about the people buried there - especially the ones from centuries past - about what they and their lives were like. The "Grieve" monument is quite something, isn't it? I'm not sure this is going to come out quite right, but what a "perfect" name for a cemetery bench that doubles for a family gravesite monument! The "friends miss you" stones are very poignant, and made me think of Jasper and how I've been feeling about your news about him. Wish I'd had a chance to say goodbye.

You also do such a great job with light... those last two are terrific. And though I hope your inner sun is now shining again, that last line about there always being shadows with light is both insightful and poetic. (You should also write prose inside your cards for the chichi shops!) :-)