Monday, June 14, 2010

Drizzle (c.b.c. day 9)

As luck would have it, after a weekend of drizzle and gray, there was no drizzle today when the prompt word was drizzle.  There was also no journaling assignment today, but rather a "go play" assignment sending one back to childhood materials (finger paints, play doh, chalk, etc.) to reconnect with the youthful artist inside.  This task puzzled me....I don't remember being especially moved to color, sculpt, paint....I put that thought in the back of my mind and headed off for a beach walk with Tula, hoping I'd be early enough to catch some dew droplets that would suffice for drizzle.

Fortune was with me as I found some beautiful beach roses. With one hand on the camera and the other on impatient Tula's leash I managed some great shots.   This flopped over blossom I found fragile and pretty.

At the far end of the beach is a rocky area where I found this snail and some barnacles along with a trickle of water.  Trickle=drizzle on a sunny day, doesn't it?

I walk the beach in all seasons regularly.  I walk it least in summer as tourists and beach goers are not keen on a yellow dog zipping over their beach towels and checking out their picnic lunches. I suddenly got the urge to build a drip sand castle.  I haven't made one in likely 35 or more years.  I thought it would be great drizzle.  About half way through I realized I was fulfilling my task to re-connect with a childhood material.  Good work.  Please note the moat and handy draw bridge.

I'm not sure I get what these flowers have to do with drizzle...but they somehow reminded me of drizzle, so there it is. 

Today's favorite for me.  Water drizzling over the dam.

What we must do for art!  DQ ice cream drizzled with hot fudge and rainbow sprinkles.  Yummy.

I was really searching for ideas....that weren't water....I don't know....

Big decision whether to put the salad dressing or the camera in my right hand.  It worked out. 

While I was eating dinner it grew very dark and started raining hard.  I was thrilled...more chances for photos.  Normally I dislike rain, but this time I was happy for it.

Deck railing after the storm.

The under side of the branches on my blue spruce tree had iridescent water droplets.  I tried really hard to get them, but couldn't quite make the shot work.  I'll have to try again another time.  This is sort of the idea.

I'm not sure why this appeals to me, but it does, and it has drizzle, so it qualifies.
Thanks for checking in with my photos.  Still a few more days of boot camp left, so check back to see what's next.

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Laloofah said...

I've been trying to describe beach roses to BW, and now I can show him what one looks like in the rain!

And in a stroke of synchronicity, I was looking through my collection of quotes about flowers earlier today for my next wildflower post, when I found this one. It wasn't going to fit with anything in my post, but it sure fits the first photo in yours...

A profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain speaks to me of all gentleness and its enduring. ~William Carlos Williams

Great sandcastle, by the way (moat and handy drawbridge were duly noted!), and a perfect way to let your creative inner child in on your bootcamp frolics today! :-)