Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fly (c.b.c. day 7)

Today's word prompt was "fly".   This morning I thought that sounded enchanting.  This evening, I'll have another glass of red wine and try to put together something that resembles fly.  It was a tough day in creativity boot camp land.  This little cowgirl is tuckered out.....and my creativity is taking a siesta.

Maine was having a dreary day today.  Not really raining though there were a few sprinkles here and there, but overcast and grey.  I know myself enough to realize that this weather is a downer for me.  In addition there was little breeze; it was a still, foggy, depressing kind of day.  Please call Eeyore and invite him over....perfect Eeyore weather.

When I think of "fly" I think of things with wings, things in the air, things moving and going from one place to the next.  Had it been a blue sky day I may have searched for an airplane trail in the sky.  I thought of birds, and that it might be really great to catch one of those white cranes dipping her toes in the salt marsh.  Unfortunately she wasn't around.  Each time I tried a new locale for inspiration I could hear bird songs in the background....but the birds weren't showing themselves.  I thought... "look up, look up" but there was no flight, no fly, no movement there in the still air.

I considered I might have to make myself very still and let the inspiration come to me, alas, nothing arrived in my sight line.  Apparently inspiration and "fly" were taking the day off.  I did see some flags hanging limply from their poles...they weren't even flying today.  Here is my collection of fly....'tis what it 'tis.  Thanks for looking.....

Look at the smug demeanor on this fairy's face.  "You think you can fly? Good luck."  That's how it felt all day today.

In Portland I found this restaurant sign.  I thought the steam looked like it was flying out of the coffee cup.

This was one of my favorite finds today.  A mural inside a center for grieving children.  I saw the stars as being in flight and the individual on the ground's dreams ready to join them.  When inspiration isn't coming, acknowledge and steal someone else's?  That seemed like a good plan.

I stomped on the brakes and did a U-eey to grab a shot of this sign....much to the chagrin of the on-coming vehicle.  Whoops....sorry, my bad.  This much hoopla over a bird was that kind of day.

This seagull was the only bird I caught in flight.

Given it's name, I thought it was okay to stop at Big Sky Bread Company for sustenance.  A butterfly sugar cookie seemed appropriate.  I made quick work of that cookie, I must admit.

This is my favorite picture of the day.  I found her in the library's faerie garden.  Her wings suggested she was up for today's "fly" challenge.

I stopped in an artisans' shop in the afternoon.  She specialized in unique stain glass.  Several of her pieces featured dragonflies and butterflies.....another chance to segue onto another artist's inspiration.  I thought her work beautiful.
I finally went to the airport to find "fly" inspiration....not much there for anyone without a "boarding pass", but there was an airshow going on.  This old C-47 caught my eye and reminded me about my interest in WWII history.  Very cool to see it live in person. 

That's all for fly today....check in tomorrow when hopefully the creative spirit has rested and been renewed.


Laloofah said...

Well, you may think your creative muse flew the coop today (haha!), but I say not. I think you did a great job! Frankly, I would have had a real challenge with this theme today too. Cold, foggy, raining here... same dreary weather you had that prohibits kite-flying and keeps the winged critters snug in their nests and hives. (Except the hummingbirds, they've gone crazy! They've nearly drained a 32-oz bottle of nectar since yesterday!)

I love the faerie pictures, of course, and the lovely mural - possibly your most inspired photo in the group, IMO - puts me in mind of "The Little Prince" (a favorite book). And your butterfly sugar cookie from The Big Sky Bread Company (which by all rights should be in Montana, "Big Sky Country!") was very clever! But my favorite in this post is the stained glass dragonfly. I adore stained glass and have a long-standing love affair with dragonflies, so that one won my heart. :-)

Hey, creativity can't be firing on all cylinders all the time, but I think you actually had a very inspired day! Thanks for another lovely post! xoxo

Laloofah said...

P.S. LOL'ed at your "U-eey" to get the photo of the Crow Bar! (Love the name, btw!) I'm sure had the driver of the oncoming car been aware of the critical nature of your mission, s/he'd have totally understood, and probably apologized for even inadvertently interfering with it. ;-)