Sunday, June 27, 2010


This weekend someone put an old wicker rocking chair out  in the grassy strip between street and sidewalk hoping it would be adopted into a new home.  Next to the chair was a loosely rolled bunch of chicken wire.  Rocking chair, chicken wire....don't know how they ended up together.  People around here do that....put stuff out at the end of their drive with a "free" sign angularly duct taped to it; most often the word FREE in all capital letters.  Amazing how much stuff is gone in a matter of a few hours, saving the owner a fee at the transfer station (dump) and gladdening the lucky new owner; the successful bargain hunter with vision to re-create and bring forth renewal.

I had several appointments today requiring me to pass the old wicker chair....on the way out, on the way home, on the way out, on the way home, on the way get the idea.  Each time I passed the chair I gave it a hard look.  I did not want to adopt the chair for my home, but it was as if the chair had a message for me or I for it.  The chair and I we had something going on.  I wondered if the chair would be gone, but on each subsequent trip it remained holding down that grassy patch, along with the chicken wire.

I imagined the chair beautiful with a fresh shiny paint job, tucked on a screened porch over looking a street or garden's new owner lazily riding back and forth on the curved wooden bases while sipping an iced tea and listening to a squeak from below and the crunchy breath of the chair with each postural shift.

On my final trip home this evening the chair was still there, so I had to stop.  I decided to take some photos of this old beauty and I'm glad I did.  They were the best shots I've captured in the last 2 or 3 days.  I did not take the chair home with I said before, I didn't want it, and besides I have no space for it, nor is wicker really comfortable to sit in for long stretches of time.  This chair deserves a good home, and mine will not measure screened porch, no view for it to oversee....

I don't yet know what I learned from the chair, but I did appreciate it's tattered and magical detail work and the daydream it offered me on this early summer Sunday.  I wonder if it will still be there tomorrow....along with the chicken wire.


Rose said...

People leave all sorts of free things out on the roadside here too...but I think taking away a daydream is perfect...and although that chair is lovely, I think the dream is more valuable. I like the photos very much.

Dorian Susan said...

Thank you Rose. I'm not much of a taker of know how junk can just multiply in basements and garages...
I too think the chair is lovely and it was indeed gone in the morning. I hope it has found a lovely new home. Here's to daydreams. I love your thought that the dream is more're right!