Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Full Bodied (c.b.c. day 10)

Today was the first day I didn't freak out because I didn't know what to do with the given topic, "Full Bodied".  I ran it over and over in my mind and came up with several interpretations. Something I've started to notice about my photos is I like to go in close and take just a portion of what I'm seeing.  I think that might be called macro, but being new to all this photography lingo, I might be wrong.  It also may be because my camera seems to do well at this viewpoint that I'm drawn to photographs taken from this POV...that's point of view in photographer lingo.  What I decided to do was go back to some of the places that had really "jazzed" me earlier in the week and visit them with a more pulled back approach....and also to keep that in mind when something new caught my eye.

There has been a writing prompt each day along with the assigned "medium of choice" word(s).  Sometimes  I've completed the writing and sometimes not, but always have had it in mind.  Today the writing prompt asked us to write at the end of the day.   We were to note the world around us with all our senses......and how they jump into our chosen mediums and how the senses all engaged.  I laughed at this prompt....hasn't this been the task for all ten days?  I've been running around with all my senses open to the world...hasn't everyone else?  Apparently not.  Maybe others have been staging things or drawing on prior knowledge. Maybe they make that one shot and are content with that. Oh, to be a beginner....

Eventually I ended up visiting a combination of old haunts with a new a eye and some new haunts with an old eye. Either way, here are the results...

Potatoes at the local market.  Is there anything more full bodied than a potato?

On the way to walking the dog, I had to stop and photograph this pond.  I have no idea what the red floaty things are, but they made for a great opportunity.

At the beach Tula and I caught this sailboat with dark colored sails just heading out.

Lovely purple blossoms.

I went back to the monastery which had been such wonderful inspiration earlier this week and spotted a tree newly in bloom.  I loved the white blossoms caught in the midday sun.  The tree covered in shimmering white popped out at me from it's surrounding neighbors in shades of green and burgandy.

Tonight as I'm posting it's late....let's just say big ass tree.

Just before dusk I was poking around the trolley museum and was instantly drawn to this old truck in the sun.  It's body needs some work.

Another oldster waiting for all of us.

My most legit full bodied photo today.

 Back to the library's faerie garden for more inspiration.  While not the roaming gnome of Travelocity....this little guy certainly personifies today's prompt of "full bodied".

Thanks for visiting....there are still 3 days left in boot camp, check back and see what assignments are next to challenge me.


Becky said...

well i'm not sure which is my favorite but i really like the old trolley and the truck and the big ass tree. I like how you've given so much variety, and your over-flowing creativity.

Corinne said...

I think we've been to that trolley museum! (You're in ME, right?) My son is a HUGE train fan, so if it's the one I'm thinking (and how many trolley museums are there up there??) of we went during Prelude last year, and it was a huge hit :) Gorgeous shot in the sun!

Laloofah said...

I think "full-bodied" would have been the one prompt that would have freaked me out! :-) Kudos to you for keeping your cool and coming up with a fun plan and interpretation! (Not to mention your usual fantastic photography!)

You had me at the potatoes photo, since spuds are my favorite food! Delicious, nutritious, versatile and #1 on the comfort foods scale (not to mention, as you say, "full-bodied!")... what's not to love? I wish I could reach into your photo and grab a double fistful of those red 'uns!

Can't choose a favorite pic this time, love them all. The pond with the "red, floaty things" (lol) is lovely. The sailboat with its dark sails is mysterious and beautiful... maybe it's a pirate ship? (If Jack Sparrow is aboard, I'm swimming out to it!) ;-) Those blossoms are magnificent... azaleas, do you think? Awfully pretty, whatever they are! And that blossom-covered branch, lovely also! The angle makes it look like a bower over your head, inviting you into a secret garden. I remember how beautiful and peaceful the grounds of that monastery are, not surprised that's a favorite haunt for you! The tree is wonderful (I have an unabashed love of trees, as you know if you read my 3-part Arbor Day post(s)!) Bet that old tree and the old truck and trolley could sure tell some interesting stories... Couldn't help but notice the Sterling label amongst the wine bottles. We used to drink their Cab - excellent wine! And the gnome - the stay-at-home identical twin of his traveling brother, apparently - surrounded by the pretty flowers is a great finale to your full-bodied post. Another superb job!