Thursday, June 10, 2010

Heavy Metal (c.b.c. day 4)

Another fun and exciting day out in photography land.  Today's theme....heavy metal.  I immediately went into my basement to photograph my washing machine.  That picture soon became today's first victim of the delete button....but I was on my way to thinking of things that were metal, and heavy.  I have a drum kit in my basement as well, and tried to get the cymbals....that would have combined rock 'n roll with metal, but all I got was a reflection of my flash on a metal disc.  Keep trying. 

I spent time in my garage, under my car, under the hood of my car, in an antique shop, in a highway construction yard, taking a walk in Portland, and other wise just nosing around keeping my eyes and mind wide open.

My time was limited today, but I still took about 150 photos, many of which no longer exist. I was surprised to note just how much heavy metal is around.  I have posted some of today's winners according to me, myself, and I.  Maybe you'll like some of my winners too.  Thanks for looking....

Old woodworking plains

Outside looking in

Dirt encrusted bulldozer

Tailgate trash
This is my favorite photo from is abstract, but I love the colors and textures.

Little engine that could

Fire escape

Tools of the trade

Inside the digger

Vintage Chevy

Wheel hub


Garnet said...

Love your photography. Thanks for sharing the feeling that the ordinary can be indeed extraordinary and vibrant.

Laloofah said...

I don't know what your discarded photos looked like, but your keepers are fantastic! I love the unusual angles you often use. That different perspective makes, as Garnet so eloquently observed, the ordinary extraordinary.

My favorite photo in this group is the vintage Chevy. I also love the pretty yellow house behind the pretty iron gate, but then I'm a nut for gates, paintings of gates, and photos of gates. There's just something mysterious and tantalizing about them that makes me want to step into the picture, walk through them and go exploring! :-)

I'm so glad you discovered and are participating in the Creativity Bootcamp! It sure looks fun, and you're sure coming up with some wonderful photos!

Corinne said...

I love the wood plains in the first one, how they're lined up like a little army or something, a little messy and overlapping, but still, lined up and ready :)

Suzi Que said...

Hi! I follow Janice's photo blog and browsed your pictures of the C.B.C photos. I love your work!