Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hush (c.b.c. day 11)

Hush, quiet, still, undisturbed, natural, peaceful, delicate, muted, gentle, whispered, angelic......

My friend asked me "what's the word for today?"  Isn't she sweet?  Each day she reads my blog post and views my photos.  Now she's hooked on my results for creativity boot camp.  That's so nice....she has a very kind soul.  When I told her "hush" she thought it a difficult task, but I did not. 

There is a difference between hush and hushed and I've been thinking about these two words today.  Hush has a sweet innocent connotation; it's pretty and refined.  But adding "e-d" creating hushed changes the word's intent to something less desirable, something squelched or less than, something dysfunctional or unwanted.

See my world is hushed now; hushed is my normal.  There is also shushed...and I have been shushed and I don't like it.  It hurts when people shush me for I don't realize when I'm too loud.  Everything I hear is hushed as if coming through a filter. Being shushed feels like a scolding for just being myself.  I only need be made aware, not shushed.

Strangely, most often I am the opposite of hush....loud, vibrant, energetic, bold, swift, is hard to now be hushed in my life, but it is so.  Today I took the dog for a walk in the woods.  I am fortunate to have access to wooded trails that are rarely used by others so I can be alone and my dog can run free.  In the woods I find a sense of hush, undisturbed, and feels comforting for me to be there, peaceful. 

I also visited Wells Beach which soon will be bustling with summer visitors.  I found it a bittersweet hush in comparison to what it will be within the next week or so as vacations begin.  I too thought of wispy flowers and quiet rural scenes as representing hush in its sweetest sense. 

On my travels home this evening I photographed several old buildings.  When you sell real estate you sometimes know when a property has been vacant for a lengthy period of time.  I thought about these houses as hushed and unloved.  They sit waiting for someone to adopt them and restore them to former undo the "hushing" which is what they are now...hushed.

Check out my photographic representations of hush and hushed and many thanks for looking and your kind comments, I do enjoy them.

Salt marsh hush

This photo appeals to me....who knows why? The beach community was so calm this the calm before the storm.  These scatter rugs are now washed and ready for this weekend's incoming tenants.

Soon the arcade will be hopping all summer long...but for now it is still.

Awwww.....Amadeus Bear. A teddy bear can hush the fears and tears.

Such delicate flowers. When I don't know what kind of flower it is I always guess hollyhocks. Maybe these pinkish-purple blossoms are indeed hollyhocks....or not.

This photo reminds me of the quietness of sitting on my grandmother's porch in her rocking chairs.

This may be my favorite for today.  The moss along the creek is so thick it is reminiscent of carpeting.

Water enters this area quickly, then slowly spins before meandering on.

These trucks have been hushed.

An old garage barn hushed and waiting to be re-born.  It's owners have beautifully restored their home, so I am hopeful this structure will be next.

This property is for sale.  The garage leans heavily to the left so I fear it's hushed state will be it's undoing.  I love the diamond shaped window.

I don't know why this carpet says "hush" to me, perhaps due to its muted colors.  It is in my father's office and softens the impact of his heavy footedness.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to stop back again.

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Laloofah said...

Some of these prompts are really creative and alluring, and I especially love this one!

Have you ever noticed how some words really sound like and evoke what they represent? "Hush," I think, is one of those words. ("Serene" is another, as is "clatter.") I enjoyed your essay that accompanied your photos, and, of course, the photos themselves.

The one of the rugs hanging on the deck railing appeals to me, too! It evokes a sense of hush along with a sense of invitation and happy anticipation. Amadeus Bear is very sweet (is he yours?), and I'm sure he's a very good listener whose plush fur can absorb and hush many tears, indeed. And those hollyhocks - glorious! Their blossoms look like bells without clappers (and so go well with your "hush" theme!) :-) The still rocking chair has the same evocative quality as the railing rugs, and brought back my own memories of sitting in the old rockers on my grandparents' farmhouse porch in Waterboro.

The beautiful mossy stream bank is absolutely my favorite picture, and for me illustrates "hush" the most powerfully.

I love the diamond window in the door of that leaning old garage too, and hope if the building is beyond rescue, that someone at least salvages the door or window!

Did you notice how much carpeting appeared in this post? The rugs on the railing, the carpet of thick moss, the plush carpet in your dad's office... I've got this fascinating book called "The Einstein Factor" that says recurring themes like that are a message from your subconscious. So is your subconscious complaining about loud floors or telling you to buy new carpets for your house? :-)

Thank you for sharing such a lovely, restful post. (Now gird your loins for the mayhem of those accursed tourists!) ;-)