Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ivory (c.b.c. day 1)

(I am taking a blog course called creativity boot camp....if you'd like info, investigate the button to the right.)

Today was my first boot camp challenge....ivory.  When I think ivory I think of smooth or luxurious things: ivory colored rose petals, scrimshaw, piano keys, delicate lace.  Of these I have only a piano and tho' I did photograph its keys, the result was not striking, it was just okay.  Creativity time.

It is a rainy day here in Maine.  The heavens open up and pour buckets, pause for respite, then turn to gentle misty showers.  Photographing outdoors was a challenge, but with my trusty LL Bean gore-tex jacket, I managed to catch some shots during the times of rain rest as well as some within my own home.  I can hear the rain outside my window in its latest deluge as I'm posting my best pictures.

Ivory is not white, nor yellow, nor tan, or beige.  It has it's own identity whilst simultaneously it masquerades as other colors.  I was surprised where I found it and am delighted that most of my photos are not smooth or luxurious as I'd imagined.

Variegated hosta

Roadside shed

Treasures in Bob's shop window


Eency-weency spider?

Post no bills

Ruffled sea moss

Terracotta sweat

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Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Nice photos. Hope you are enjoying the class already! Tam