Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Pamina is my first cat.."Princess P". I've had her since mid-January when I adopted her from the local animal shelter.  She is about 10 years old,  and was given up by a man with 4 cats whose wife had passed away.  Too many cats for one person to care for.  I bet he misses her.

I love this cat.  I have no idea if she is an extraordinarily wonderful cat, or if most cats are just as great.  I'd like to think I was super lucky when she selected me at the shelter, but maybe she's common and for the first half of my life I've been missing out on the joy of cats.

Five and a half pounds of fur and purr who has inched right into my heart in no time flat. 


I am still puzzled by some cat behavior however, such as....why the hell does she need to go inside each closet or cupboard when I open the door?  Last week she spent one night in the linen closet because I didn't realize she'd stepped inside when I grabbed a fresh wash cloth at bedtime.  In the morning I had to figure out where her voice was coming from.  This has not deterred her from continuing this fascination with closet exploration.
There is also her strange attachment to the brush that goes with my dust pan.  I don't understand this at all....but it is part of the reason she often goes into my broom closet/pantry.  As the saying goes, love is blind.

Another cat mystery for me is why she needs to sleep ON my pillow.  There is an entire bed, plus an additional pillow that no one is using....what gives?  There is a sense of entitlement in this pillow snatching and I've yet to understand the essence of it.  All in time.  I think maybe it boils down to she's a princess and I am not.  Hmmm.

No one can say my little one is missing any spunk and personality.  She's everybody's pal, and I like that.  She brings delight with her no matter what.  Thanks for choosing me Pamina.  I'm awfully glad to have you around.

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Laloofah said...

Hi, Sue! Princess Pamina is really beautiful, and she sounds like she's got a lovely personality to match! I wonder what she thought about her night in solitary? Probably just used it to meditate, or hatch plans to make off with your dust pan brush. ;-) I think your theory about why she must sleep ON your pillow is spot-on. It's a princess thing. But then, all cats are royalty! I'm so glad you and Princess P. found one another, and that she has her forever home with you and Tula!

P.S. Your dad's lookin' good... tell your folks I said hi! :-)

Love, Tex