Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One in the world

I snuck out last night after dinner needing a photo fix.  The day had again been MUH-GEE here in Maine, but I ventured forth despite the overcast skies.  There's a quirky antique/junk/old house collector place I thought I might find some interesting subjects but when I drove by all entrances had ropes across and it seemed best to wait until another time when a visit would be welcomed not chased off.

I decided to stop at Laudholm Farms, a nature preserve where I've never been because they don't allow pets.  The property was all but vacant....I never saw another soul while there and just as I pulled in the sun made a reappearance.  Perfect timing.  The world (well the world at Laudholm Farms) was all mine.  How grand and rare at this time of year when the region is normally inundated with tourists and vacationers to have a piece of it all to myself.

Most of the buildings are painted a golden yellow which added to the appeal of the setting sun.  I assume at one time the property was a large dairy farm.  There is a huge barn with horse stalls, and a variety of outbuildings.  I had to be quick as the sun was setting, but I did get a few shots that I liked.  I think I'll go back there sometime and hope to again be so fortunate with this beautiful outdoor space.

Water tower

I love the sunlight playing off the front of the old farmhouse.

The open fields are full of walking trails

I missed catching this old dairy barn with the light upon it....rats.

Great reflections on the front porch

I love old garage buildings.  The golden paint picked up a pinkish tint from the last of the sun.

I'm not much of a sky or clouds photo taker...I guess this would have been nicer without the tree tops.  Always room to grow.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my photos.


Corinne said...

Gorgeous!! That sky...

Gilding Lilies said...

The lighting is glorious!

Mary said...

The dairy barn is pretty special, with or without the sunlight.

Dorian Susan said...

Thank you all....God was smiling on me when the sun popped out just when I needed some inspiration. Appreciate the "props". Making a beginning photographer feel good. :)