Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ornament (c.b.c. day 8)

I've been at boot camp creativity for a full week now.  I have been quite tired and realize I've been doing my job, my extra curriculars which were a bit heavy this past week, and then my full time search for the word prompt of the day....and of course the time invested in posting.  I'm working like 4 jobs here, no wonder I'm tired.

Having been in a creative drought for a lengthy time, I'd forgotten the energy required to be creative.  It is not add water and stir, it is something that takes effort, even when the effort is enjoyable.  I was glad to have Maegen's suggestion to empty out this weekend.

Today's search was for ornament.  After a tough day with fly yesterday, this was welcome.  I felt that juice flowing again and didn't struggle.  While it is great to work outside the box, sometimes you get stuck in the box and that's what yesterday felt like.  Today was much, much better.  Thanks for checking out my photos, and do stop back again to see what's next.

This sweet little ornament sits on a shelf in my bath.  I'm not much for knick-knack paddy whacks, so it is one of the few "ornaments" I have in my home.  It was given to me when I was teaching music and my students knew how much I loved my dogs.

I did a lot of thinking about ornaments that people use to decorate around the exterior of their homes.  I found this beautiful statuette at a local garden center.

This garden gate's latch provides functional ornamentation.

I remembered a fab hood ornament on the old Chevy I photographed last week and went back to capture it for today. 

This delightful ornamental garden is outside a local bed and breakfast.  I couldn't walk past without taking a photo.  What a lovely way to decorate the grounds.

I went shopping in a boutique that has so many ornaments they are everywhere you turn.  These beaded scarves caught my eye..... did this display of floppy hats.

I attended my friend's ordination today.  This beautiful stainglass piece created a spectacular architectural ornament.

Two harpists played at the ordination.  I thought the tuning pegs looked rather ornament like, although they have serious function.

Lastly, each of the graduating students had created one of these colorful flags which made festive and lovely decor against the white paint in the church.

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Laloofah said...

If you're going to have minimal knick-knacks, your angel with the dog is an especially lovely one to have! She's special. What a sweet gift from your students!

I'm having a Julie Andrews moment... so many of my favorite things are in this post - Buddha, a gate, a fountain, stained glass and colorful, beaded sparkly objects (I'd make a good magpie!) - that I can't choose a favorite photo this time. But I think the photo of the harp tuning pegs it the most unique and creative of the bunch! :-)