Monday, June 7, 2010

Picnic (c.b.c. day 2)

The best thing about today was I went on 3 different picnics.  The worst part about today.....I had a hard time coming up with a nice representation of the picnics I had.

I live alone.  Going on a picnic alone, well or with your dog, is fine, but it doesn't leave too many photo ops.  I had a beautiful early morning picnic over looking the ocean with my bagel and coffee.  My dog didn't want any part of picnicking and waited in the car. 

Oh Tula, picnics are supposed to be fun.

Basket, bagel, book, beautiful


The views were crystal clear and the morning air fresh.

Picnic remnants

At lunch time I went looking for places that I might like to have a picnic if I had someone to join me.  I enjoyed my lunch at the library outdoor seating but it was a homely chicken sandwich and did not make good photo fodder.  I thought sitting under the oaks might be lovely.

Shaded seating

This evening I planned a picnic dinner for my Mom.  She loved it as did I.  But does dining on the deck at the table and chair set truly qualify as picnic?  I guess so, if I'm the artist and I say that it does. 


I'm confessing that I am not a huge fan of the picnic.  In fact, I don't even like the way the word picnic sounds....I don't like sitting on the ground to eat, the ants, the thought of sand in my sandwich and the inconvenience of getting sloppy food on me when I can't clean up.  What an old grouch I'm becoming.  I do like very much dining al fresco.  Tonight on the back deck in the waning sunlight  it was lovely.  I was comfortable and remained clean.  I think I'm like those campers who don't want to do the "tent thing" but love camping in a motor home complete with bath, electricity, running water, and comfy beds.  I am getting old and grouchy.

Picnic romance


Corinne said...

I especially love the photo of the two Adirondack chairs... they always make me breathe easier and feel peaceful, even through a photo.
Lovely :)

This Heavenly Life said...

I LOVE that last photo, especially! It's what happens in the perimeter of a picnic that could be the most interesting, I think.

But man...what a way to spend a day: picnic-ing all over the place just to find a beautiful photo. Wonderful :)

(But I'm with you on the word picnic. It's no fun at all! I need some rolling sounds in a word to be pleased with it!)