Friday, June 18, 2010

Smile (c.b.c. day 13)

Today is the final day of creativity boot camp....hardly seems possible that it's been 2 weeks since it all began.  I just re-read the letter I was instructed to write to myself  (our first journaling prompt) before it began in a voice as if boot camp were over and tuck away.....and now that this experience is over, it seemed appropriate to sneak a look at it again.

What surprised me the most is my letter, that started "Dear Susan Self", was dead on.  It is as if I wrote it today rather than 2 weeks back.  Even though I didn't know what boot camp would hold for me, how it would be structured, or what it would make me consider or feel, I knew what I needed to garner from it.  I think what I'm saying is boot camp became, developed and morphed into what I needed it to be and it began filling the holes, mending the tears, and unlocking the chains....the things that have confined me and have been broken within me for some time.  Continued forward momentum is now all about me and the way I choose to proceed.

The prompt word for today is smile.  I've thought about the word on and off today. I've taken a few photographs; I've noted some beauty here and there.  I've looked through my collection of photos from the entire session and thought about my posts and writing.  I realized that the "smile" for me is something that can not be photographed.  It is on the inside, and it is all mine....most precious to only me. 

My interest in photography has been peaked....I do plan to keep searching, keep refining my eye, continue to feed my soul with this visual art rather than tearing my soul apart trying to re-create my aural artist abilities.  Maegan has come up with a miniaturized continuation series; prompts that will appear on Sundays to be considered over the week and I definitely plan to participate in that.

Thank you to those of you who checked out my photos on a regular basis and made heartwarming comments either here in writing or in person.  You are welcome to continue to visit my blog and see where the journey will lead to and what bends, turns, and crossroads it will encounter.  One of the great things about waking up every day is you never know what might happen next.

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Laloofah said...

I'm so glad you participated in Creativity Bootcamp and found it to be such an inspiring experience! I sure have enjoyed your splendid photography, and am happy that you'll be keeping on keeping on! :-)