Thursday, June 17, 2010

Smooth (c.b.c. day 12)

Today's prompt word was smooth.  Our journal prompt asked us to think about our dreams....real or out of this world.  Smooth dreams would be oh so lovely; somehow I don't think that's what life is about...but you never know.
I didn't have an immediate sense of something I wanted to shoot today.  I stuck my camera in my pocket and went about my day with eyes wide open hoping to trip across an abundance of smooth settings for my lens to capture.  Before starting all this boot camp business I didn't even carry a camera.  It sat on my desk collecting dust.  I would use it occasionally to get photos of a house I'd listed, but otherwise....nah.  For the last two weeks I've taken it nearly everywhere and I've taken likely 2,000 or more photos.  In my humble's definitely paid off.

So, off I went on my day.  Having exhausted the smooth objects around the house including several photos of the ketchup on my eggs, I began at once puttering around the office looking for smooth things.  Thank goodness the real estate market isn't on fire right now or I'd have no time to explore my surroundings.  In the afternoon I was able to take Tula for a walk between the raindrops searching for smooth, smooth, smooth.  I must admit shooting with your right hand while your beloved hound is tugging on your left does not produce the best of photos.  I think Tula is rather fed up with this whole camera is definitely slowing down our walks and taking us places that are not her "favorite" sites, please and thank you.

After dinner I examined what I had, and decided to head out again "chasing the light".  I just love that phrase chasing the light....and it's what you do as the sun inches down. Every view becomes enchanted and your creative energy rises.  I was wise to head to the beach area and found success at the shore and just west of it as well.

I must confess I am feeling some sadness that tomorrow is the end of creativity boot camp.  I totally get that it is not the end of me taking photographs, and not the end of's just been a wonderful experience for me.  I have grown inside in confidence and outwardly as a photographer.  People have said "wow....I like this!"  It has been positive and positive is something we all need and I have been so short of lately... here's my take on smooth.  As always, many thanks for looking.

Why not start with the end of the day, just to shake things up?  Isn't this view of the mouth of the Mousam River just scrumptious?  Sometimes I can't believe I live so close to so many beautiful views.

First thing this morning I hit the grocery for just cream....that's it, but I had my camera handy as I sailed through the veggie section towards the back of the store.  Honest....the peppers were piled this way.  Perhaps another photographer had been in before me.

This is a nice photo with a boring story.  Site plan maps...snooze city, but I liked the contrast of the smoothly rolled paper against the wicker basket.

These colorful hand painted silk ties were on sale in a shop in Kennebunkport.  I wonder who buys these?  Everything in the shop was outrageously priced....though I can't say that the artistry isn't beautiful; it is.  But still....who has so much money to spend?  I need to put my photos in that shop in la-di-dah frames and make a butt load of we're talking!

Once a clown, always a clown.  There's more than one way to think of smooth.  By the way....that hideous ironing board cover has got to go....circa 1987 I think.

These delightful eggplant were not at the grocery; I found them at a local farm stand.  I only eat eggplant in that ratatouille recipe my mother makes, but they are definitely smooth and beautiful.

Today was the third time I've been down to the railroad tracks to get a shot...and the first time the results have made the cut.  No trains in sight at anytime.  Wouldn't it be fab to shoot a train zipping on by?  Meanwhile, these tracks are very smooth.

This is the end of the drive for a large "mansion" property in the area.  While the driveway is patterned, it remains smooth and seems to pull your eye toward the large house that mysteriously sits far off the road.

This is the view to the right of the driveway at the same property....imagine having your very own covered bridge.  Hmmm.....

One of my best finds tonight while I was "chasing the light".  I love this photo.....good job, me.  This is my personal favorite from today.

I'm not even going to pretend to justify this as can if you want....I've been in love with peonies this season and this one was just too beautiful not to shoot in the fading sunlight.  I love it.

Feel free to visit again tomorrow to see what the last day of boot camp has to offer....and feel free to visit after that as well.  I'm sure I'll be posting more pics and of course my profound thoughts to go with.

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Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue!
I know this one's an oldie but goodie, but there were a few photos I really wanted to comment on and never got a chance so thought I would do it now before this slips any deeper into the archival abyss!

Ooooh, those beee-you-tiful peppers - that cheery yellow one looks so perfect among its red colleagues! :-) Peppers like that are so pretty. They'd be dried to a dark red color, tied together in bunches and used as decorations called ristras in New Mexico. I always wanted one, but lived in an apartment and always thought they only looked right on the outside wall of an adobe home. (I did, however, buy myself a little red glass ristra ornament before leaving the Land of Enchantment!)

And the eggplant is gorgeous as well as a perfect example of "smooth!" It puts me in the mood for my favorite eggplant food, Baba Ganoush! I can never seem to get a decent eggplant around here, so I never get to make Baba G, and your eggplants reminded me of that sad fact. If only I could reach into that photo and pluck one out of the pile!

I told you on the phone my "wow" reaction to that incredible paved driveway! If I had something that beautiful I wouldn't want to drive on it! And how lucky they are to have their own covered bridge! That serene, glassy water beneath it is another lovely manifestation of "smooth" for sure. And on a day as hot as this one is here, it looks awfully inviting!

As for the peony, it's so lovely it needs no excuses to be on this post! Besides, those petals look as smooth as a baby's butt. :-) And as soft as its pretty, gentle color. Our peonies bloomed while we were gone, and were looking too raggedy-assed to photograph by the time we got back. But I have a photo from last year I'll have to send you. Not nearly as beautiful as the peonies you've photographed so much this spring/summer, but as a peony lover, I thought you might like to see them!