Monday, June 21, 2010

Pat's Birthday

Today is the first day of summer, and the longest day of the year, and my friend Pat's birthday.  I hadn't really thought of this prior to this year, but today is my favorite day of the year....for all three of the reasons above.  Unfortunately today I was not on my "A" game.  I think maybe today I was bringing my "D+" game at very best.  Just tired, un-energized, dragging myself around-on the day that has more light than any other.  Say it isn't so...that I wasted today on a downer rather than an upper.  Alas, tomorrow will be better and there will still be lots and lots of light. 

I didn't have much chance to shoot pix today....bummer.  I was hoping to get out this evening but was in a meeting that ran long leaving only 30-40 minutes of fading light.  Not enough.  After checking out the results tonight at home they match my mood and lack of energy level from today and are rather bland and uninspiring.  Boo, hiss!  "Tragic disappointment" she said while throwing tomatoes at herself on the stage.  Just proves to me that my disposition, mood, and feelings translate into the art of photography as well.  There's so much to learn when you're a beginner.

I'll post a couple that got better than D+ marks according to the boss....that's me.  How great is it to be your own boss of something at least?

This evening my meeting was in Portsmouth, NH so I was looking forward to getting some shots in a different location.  I like how this fish market extends out over the water.  Too bad I'm not much of a fish eater!

From this view you'd never guess the place is on stilts with water below.

This little boat dock is still decked out for Memorial Day or getting a jump start on July 4th.  As my Aunt Lois often says "don't rush the season", so let's hope it's the former and not the latter.  Seems like a nice place to sit a spell and take in the water view.

This architectural bump-out caught my eye as the sun was fading.  Looks like a New Englander that had Victorian touches added to it.  Interesting.

This is today's fav for me.  I noted the little dinghy through the shrubs and thought....."I've got to get a shot of that."  I climbed over a bridge railing and crouched on an embankment to get close enough to get a view.  Came out kind of B+ game showed up for this one.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Hopefully there'll be a more inspired individual who climbs out of bed in the morning.

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Corinne said...

Love Portsmouth... it's one of my favorite places. I take the kids there for the day to wander around when I need a change of scenery :) Gorgeous shots!