Sunday, July 18, 2010

7 Friends....Magnificence

For the last 24 hours I've had a phrase of music stuck in my head.  While I like it, it has become a smidge annoying at this point and I hope it will fade soon and give me peace.  But my memories from this weekend I hope they will not fade.  I hope they will linger and sweetly breeze through my mind, especially on days that are filled with doubt and difficulty.  I hope they will be a buoy on waves and waves of magnificence.
Sharing time, laughter, secrets, silliness, wine, beauty, games, energy, music and space with friends is a blessing.  Tonight I am counting my blessings thanks to a group of my friends who traveled into my world and shared my cozy cottage with me for two and a half days this past weekend.  It was fun and I needed fun.  Fun has been rather hard to come by lately.

Gail is steadfast, sensible, well-planned, dependable, honest, and then surprisingly silly.  Gail is often an anchor or like "glue" for me when I most need it.  I sense that many people feel the same way about Gail that I do.  Thank you Gail for all your common sense and your ability to laugh and be goofy with me too.  I love that about you.  I know if I need a friend to listen and offer level-headed advice, I can always count on you....and then there'll be a little giggle time too.

Becky is quiet, thoughtful, easy-going, and sure footed.  Becky's an observer with impeccable timing.  She watches and waits and all of a sudden she steps up with a comical zinger or with an unexpected self-confidence that at times leaves me in awe.  Becky innately knows when to offer an understanding glance in my direction....sometimes for humor, sometimes just to let me know she sees.  Thank you for that Becky-so often it is just what I need at just the right time.

Nancy is really, really funny.  She loves to laugh and laughter is a gift I receive from her each time I'm in her presence.  I don't think she means to be funny, I think her zest for life bubbles from every inch of her being and I get caught up in it like magic.  No one can out talk Nancy....she's a champ, but the beauty is, she hears you too.  Thanks Nance....for your bubbly spirit and your compassionate ear.

Jeanne is a little bitty person with huge energy and a huge heart.  Jeanne is one of the hardest working and one of the nicest people I know, and I respect her greatly for those characteristics.  She is nice to everybody. Jeanne and I seem to come at the world from opposite angles, but there's this huge space in the middle where we find our common ground.  If I'm honest sometimes I don't understand Jeanne's side of the world, likely because I'm afraid of how open and free it is.  Thanks for not giving up on me Jeanne....I'm making tracks. (Jeanne also makes the most fabulous chocolate cake.)

Now this is going to sound crazy, but there's only one Cheryl....and I love her more and more all the time.  Cheryl is absolutely brilliant and yet sees the world with a delightful innocence that is charming to be around. She can be entirely earnest one moment and positively silly the next. I love to laugh with Cheryl....she cracks me up just when I need to lighten my mood.  Cheryl does march to the beat of her own drum and she can sing along with it does she do that?  Thanks for being such a whimsically funny and whimsically intelligent friend.

Joanne is a natural born leader, and she's good at it.  She's also one of the most compassionate women I know and when I picture her I see her holding the whole world within her embrace. I'm sure she would love to ease every one's broken hearts, dry their tears and then teach them a song. Like magic, Joanne offers me hours of support in a momentary hug.  I love to laugh with you Joanne....because, like your essence, your laugh is infectious and genuine, and it is those qualities in you that I am most thankful for.

I have saved the best for last, for anyone who knows me, knows that Laura is my dearest friend and has been for more than 30 years.  Laura is kind, patient, forgiving, sweet, warm, sensitive, and quietly bold.  She will listen when no one else has time to.  Laura will disagree with you then follow it up with a loving hug.  Laura will push when a push is needed or hold your hand when that is what's called for.  She occupies a huge corner of my heart and I know I would be a lost soul without her.  Laura I thank you for being my strongest ally and my dearest friend.  I love to laugh with you, but more so I love to just be in your company.  For me, you make everything better.

The past weekend was a wonderful escape from the ordianry; from the drone that is the sound and rhythm of my usual work.  Thank you to my 7 friends for making this time joyous and memorable.  I hope it was equally so for you.

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Jamie said...

Nothing beats time spent with good friends.