Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Black and white

This week's you capture prompt (if you're not familiar with "you capture"...check out the button I've posted to the right ) was black and white.  Seems simple enough.  Shoot whatever you want, the world is your oyster, but in black and white.  That's cool.  Only thing is....I've never taken any black and white photos.  Up until about a month and a half ago, I didn't even know my camera could take black and white photos.  Ah....sometimes I'm such a dumb ass.

I didn't so much read the prompt carefully....skimming is all the rage you know, so I thought assumed that I could either take black and white photos or I could take photos of things that were black and white.  The coolest old car was parked at the DQ the other night....I think from the early 60's....a sedan all black except for a strip of white just below the driver and passenger windows.  It even had white fuzzy dice with black spots hanging from the rear view.  Oh well....

I asked a couple people, not really photography experts....I don't know any of those, just people who sometimes take photos what a black and white photographer should be looking for.  My big clue-contrast-so that's what I was going with, to some success and to some, shall we say, mess.  I hope you enjoy what this novice came up with.

My 2 cents worth tells me that this is one of the best black and white pics I got.  It was one of the first I took....beginner's luck?  Now I can't remember what color it was...maybe pale yellow.

I drive past this old truck on my way to work every day.  I kind of like it.  I took this in bright sun which is probably still not the best light, even when color isn't involved.  Oh well.....the owner was standing in his barn wondering why I was taking a photo of his old clunky dark green van with the yellow stripes.

I'm not sure if this really works or not.  I like to walk in the woods and in this area there are a lot of big old pine trees.  I find them a show of strength-pine normally isn't-and they emit a lovely summertime fragrance too.

One of the things I do this time of year is avoid tourists.  I don't mind the tourists....we are thankful for them here, I just like to skip the main roads that get congested and use the little known back roads instead.  While I'm touring these country roads I find rustic and rural sights that I'll miss come off-season.  This is a local car dealership.  Their sign says they'll pay cash for used cars....hmmm...good thing to keep in mind.

Here's another back road treasure.  I've never noticed this little side street before.  I won't forget about it another time however.

On the corner of Forgotten Lane was a small cemetary....larger than a family plot, but not by much.  I had fun trying to capture the stone wall and this simple yet pleasing iron gate.

There are several farms near Forgotten Lane.  I might guess they're farms that have been owned by multiple generations of families for many, many years.  I've tried several times this summer to photograph old red and rusty tractors with little success.  This time I think I finally got it.  I like this photo a lot, and it may be better in black and white than it would be in color.  Nice of this farmer to have his tractor parked right out front.

Right near the old tractor was a large tree with these mushroom/fungus thingies growing out of the trunk.  They were the size of frisbees.  Cool textures and color varients.

This simple road side sign printed on corrugated carboard called to me.  I was hoping the zig-zag edge would reveal its simplicity.  Look closely near the edge and maybe you'll see it.

Bitch moan, bitch moan....I got a better color shot of this the other night (when I was still "assuming" that I could shoot things in color so long as they were black and white.)  The pavers are a pleasing shade of gray.

On my way home I sensed an overwhelming need to stop at Big Daddy's for an ice cream cone.  Summer is short and ice cream is necessary....almost daily.  Big Daddy's ice cream shop is on Route 1, tourist headquarters.  What I won't endure for ice cream.  Anyway....Route 1 also has many antique shops.  I like taking photos when they're closed so as not to be a nuisance.  This iron gate was leaning against the front of one of the buildings.  Somehow I thought catching the reflective shadows might be a good strategy for black and white photos.  Yes?

Thank you for taking time to check out my first black and white attempts.  I sort of missed having color available to me, but can see the merit in this as well.  I'll have to remember to keep trying black and whites while I'm out shooting.

Want to know more or play along?  It's fun.



Betty Anne said...

I love these black and white photos. My favs are the tractor, stone walkway and the iron gate -- I will have to try this sometime.

Clare B said...

I really like the Autoland photo. There's something quaint about it. And I love the name "Forgotten Ln", if it was in a novel you wouldn't believe it was real

Jess said...

You did a great job! And the tree trunk? Yes, it totally worked! That one is my fav of all the shots you posted.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!