Sunday, July 4, 2010

Clean Car

Clean car....exterior washed and hand waxed.....interior another day.  One step at a time.  I managed to procrastinate much of yesterday morning away, but did complete my task and am enjoying the results today.  If you don't know what I'm talking about.....check my prior post from July 3.   : )

Sudsy brush in the do-it-yourself bay.

"At the car wash....fill up and ya don't have to pa-aay...Get a wash; Right away."  Sing along everybody.

Down the drain.

Lousy photo but great result.  Look at that baby shine!

Finished in the nick of time to join this sweet face at the local place for pizza and giggles.  My niece is getting cuter by the minute despite (another) ear infection.  And by the way if you want to know what color her swimsuit is....she told me last night: "pink".


Sarah C said...

Lol to the car wash and yep, I was singing along with you :D

Your niece is so sweet. Love the colour of her swimming cozzie.

Thank you for the comment on my 'open' post. I use Picnik for my photo editing. You can use it free; which I did to start with, or you can pay (I think) $24.99 a year to get the extra features which I now do. I love it and as it's an on-line editing programme, it means I can access it from any computer anywhere. xx

Sarah C said...

Meant to add a Happy 4th July to you and yours xx