Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I keep saying to myself that I won't take anymore beach rose pictures.....and then I take more anyway. They are just so pink, fragrant and lovely I can't help myself. The self-control on the beach roses has gone awry. But can one just walk passed this at shoulder level, no less, and not take a shot?

This week's Sunday Creative prompt is connect.  I followed my self-imposed rules and regs (good job me) and did not go searching for "connect", but instead let it come to me.  Today unexpectedly I was about hit over the head with connect which is why I'm posting tonight even though there are still 4 full shopping days left until the next prompt on Sunday.

This morning I snuck onto the beach with my dog Tula DotTula loves the beach.  In the summer months the window of opportunity to get on the beach with your dog is very short and is restricted only to the east end of the beach, not the longer and more delightful west end.  I understand the rules, really I do...but at 7 a.m. with fog so thick you could not even see the ocean, there was NO one sitting in a beach chair, doing yoga poses, or catching an early swim. I decided to take my chances and beg off on not seeing the sign due to the thick fog if we were caught.  It all worked out.  As we walked along I noted the empty soda and water bottles, Kit-Kat candy wrapper, broken pieces of plastic picnic cups, plastic bags, slim Jim wrappers, etc. and yet all Tula and I left behind were our foot and paw prints.  Oh well....moving along.

I realized today that although I am not strongly connected to very many people in my life, I am very connected to the beach.  Not for swimming and sunning, but because the beach is where I reconnect with my spirit and feel most connected to God and with nature.  Walking the beach also allows me to clear my mind and to see the unbridled joy of my normally timid pooch as she zips and zags, gallops and trots on the sand with me.  We make this journey year 'round; on beautiful days and on days when the wind bites at fingertips and noses.  This is our playground, our place to connect to our souls and to one another.

I've never taken photographs in the fog before until today. I'm now a fan. If there is a fog page on Facebook, I will "like" it.  Prior to today this type of weather belonged only in the "grrrrrr" category, but I have seen something new.  I've been a bit worried that my ramped up picture taking energy might go into hibernation once the colorful flowers fade, the greens turn brittle and brown and winter draws near.  After today I have less sense that will happen.

On the roadway to the beach I had to stop and shoot the fog playing amongst this tidy row of trees.

Without the intense rays of the sun, tidal pools take on an exciting new character.

I started to see exciting colors....colors that will be around in December and February in day to day beach bounty.

When the waves are more active they churn up sand and leave these beige bubbles and swirls in their back draw.

In the fog, common kelp was taunting me, connecting me to the beach in a new way today.

"Love, love, love....wag, wag, wag."

As Tula Dot and I were leaving the beach passing through the rosa rugosa (me taking just one more beach rose picture and I promise that's it), my "connect" moment happened.

Amongst the roses....a perfect spider web, dripping with dew from the heavy fog.  Instantly I thought, "now THAT is connect."

All those delicate interwoven lines sparkling at me.  Wow!

Only later as the day wore on, did I realize what a wonderful connection the beach has to my life.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a drizzly look at my foggy pictures and for not minding that Tula Dot and I snuck onto the beach during tourist season.  I appreciate your visit.


Laloofah said...

What a wonderful, beautiful post! I love your fog photos, especially since I'm a fan of fog. (You might like this post from my archives of fog photos from a different perspective). I also think you can never share too many beach rose photos - ever - and I'm particularly fond of the "exciting colors" picture. I love how you're allowing the prompt manifestations to materialize in their own way and in their own time, and how your patience and trust are being so well rewarded. This one is just utterly magical. That bejeweled spider web with the rose beside it - brilliant! I'm telling you, Susan, you really should be selling prints at the chichi shops in K'port! :-)

It's way past my bedtime but I'm so behind on my blog visits I just had to stop by, and I enjoyed this post so much I just had to take an extra moment to comment. And to let you know also that you and your canine accomplice's felonious trespass on the beach is a secret that's safe with me! ;-) (I'm gonna rat out those despicable litterbugs, though!)

Jamie said...

Your photos of the web are stunning.