Monday, July 12, 2010

Day Owl

I woke up kind of early this morning, well early for me.  Well, for me lately.  I've always been a morning person even tho' I sometimes disguise myself as a night owl.  The truth is I have better energy and "spunk" in the morning even though I believe it seems much "cooler" to be a mysterious sort who toils into the night hours on some creative endeavor.  Alas, 'tis not me.  Over the past few months, however, I've been sleeping in until 8:00 or 8:30 despite the early sunrise which does speak to something.  I think what it speaks of I shall not speak of right now.  We'll set that aside for the time being.

Any who....this morning I was more like my normal self and was awake around 6:00 to the delight of my pets.  Tula has a way of rubbing up along the side of my bed doing her "hoochy-koochy" dance which sets the entire bed a jigglin' and Princess P pokes her tiny cold wet feline nose near the outer corner of my eye sending a shock wave through my warm system.  Thankfully T & P did not need to resort to these covert tactics this morning.

Tula and I took an in-town walk.  Tula is not so fond of the "in-town" walk; too many big trucks.  Tula doesn't like big trucks-a fear she came with as a rescue pup.  I'm tired of trying to analyze the root of it.  She was a good sport though.  Not only were there an abundance of diesel powered trucks and the "beep, beep, beeping" of the nearby construction equipment, I was taking those damn photos again.  "Jeez Mom; couldn't we have a normal fun walk in the woods where you don't stop every 2 seconds to take another friggin' picture?"  Sigh.

Something I've started to notice is I talk to Tula about my picture taking, as if she would care.  As a beginner, I don't really know what I'm doing, but I'm trying to figure it out.  So, my photographic chit-chat with my four legged friend runs on and on as we walk. 

"Tula, do you see that?  That is so cool.  How do I get that?  Wait let me check the setting and make sure I'm not on 400 when I should be on 100.  Do you see that light coming through the window at the top of that house?  Look at those purple flowers...I love those.  Where is the sun right now?"  And on and on and on.  The poor dog must think I'm insane.  Bless her.  Maybe she'll be taking up the art of photography as well.  Funny she doesn't much like having her own photo taken....she figured out that sometimes the camera flashes and that must mean thunder and she likes thunder about as much as she likes big trucks.  Rescuing a dog is not for the faint of heart.

There were several showers yesterday and overnight. "Look at that yellow flower Tula".  I had to take this water soaked day lily.

Nemesis of Tula....the dreaded dump truck. Downtown Kennebunk has 2 different major construction projects happening.  Dust and delays are a certainty.

Tula fares better when we're on the side roads.  I found this sunny wall surrounding a pretty little cape on a quiet side street.

Mansard roof line on Summer Street.

I love purple cone flowers....and these had water droplets.  Bonus.

Another Summer Street sea captain's home.  Such a stunning porch.

Why does my bee balm not look like this?  Oh that's right....I'm a lousy gardener.  Somebody at this place knows what they're doing.

One of the many downtown construction workers asked me "who I was with?" while I was taking this.  I said I was with me.  I guess the average person doesn't take photos of soon to be planted drainage pipes.  Look what they're missing.

Just in case any horses come by....the old hitching post.  I liked the shadow of the circular ring.  Tula wasn't so sure about this one.

This fountain is outside the water district building.  The bucket fills and then flops over spilling its contents into the trough.  Kind of fun especially in the morning sun.

Lest you've been worried about my stressed out hound, we did stop at Roger's Pond where she ate grass and dipped her toes in the river, before we headed home.  It made up for all that construction stress and mess we encountered earlier.

Thanks for joining Tula and me on our morning walk today.  Hope you enjoyed the sights as much as we did.


Jamie said...

I think I need a Tula to go on my photo adventures with me.

Clare B said...

I'm so happy that you like my pictures! I suffer permanently from creative doubts and indecisions (left over remanents from a teenage life spent at a single-sex school, I think. Teenage girls, they can be so awful can't they?!?). The beach boxes are typical of the beaches around the Baltic sea - I've never been there but apparently it is always windy and they protect beach-goers from flying sand and cool breezes. For some reason they've also migrated to the lake-beaches of Berlin. They're fun, but I think an umbrella would have provided more shade and given that there was no wind...

Your purple cone flowers are my favourite today, your focus is spot-on (something I'm struggling with at the moment).

Oh, dear - it appears I've left you an essay!

Laloofah said...

This post truly made me laugh out loud. That part about how you discuss your photography with Tula? I do the same thing with my girls when we're on hikes and I stop to take photographs! I never really thought about it, but if I had I'm sure I would have sworn I was the only human having photography strategy/quality/planning conversations with my dogs! LOL

Tell sweet Tula that Auntie Laloo fares better on the side roads (of life) as well. :-)

Beautiful photos again... the one of the Purple Cone flowers is definitely my favorite too, and I find the tipping water bucket very fun! What whimsy from a water district office!