Thursday, July 8, 2010


Thanks to this week's Sunday Creative prompt strains of Neil Diamond singing "Reverend Blue Jeans, baby" has been making an appearance in my mind numerous times each day.  Scary part is I don't think those are the correct words to the song, those are just the words that I know from being a young teen and hearing enough to sing along and imagining the rest.  The words could be "Forever in blue jeans, baby".  Not sure, but perhaps you know the tune I'm alluding to.  Elton John has also been a daydream visitor singing "Blue jean baby; LA lady.  Seamstress for the ba-and."  Am I the only one who is kind of crazy like this?  Please tell me this is not my own personal island of hell.

I told myself that unlike CBC I would not run around trying to force prompts, but instead I would let a prompt reveal itself to me in the photos I take during the week; that I would keep the prompt word in the back of my mind and not the front.  That was of course before Neil Diamond and Elton John started hounding me.  I tried to think of denim as something other than denim, but truth be told; denim IS denim.

I love denim, more specifically jeans, especially blue ones.  Honestly, if you were to ask me what I feel like wearing as I glance into my closet or dresser drawer the answer is the same most every day..."jeans and a t-shirt".  I want to be buried in jeans and a t-shirt.  Certainly I don't want to spend eternity in heaven (God willing) clad in uncomfortable clothes, and jeans and a t-shirt is what I'm most comfortable in.

I sell real estate and yet I still wear jeans (sans t-shirt) most every day.  I probably should wear something nicer, but I think people appreciate an honest Realtor....and showing up in jeans (and a tidy shirt or blouse) is the real me.  Some of my clients who have hired me on multiple occasions say they like the fact that I'm "real" there it is.  I'm not totally off-base on this.

As I considered this week's post, anything other than blue jeans was thinking outside the denim box for me.  I saw some twenty-somethings in short jean cut offs, but I didn't think they'd appreciate me photographing their butts walking down the street.  I also saw a fancy studded pair of denim capris waiting in front of me at the DQ the other night, but that struck the same reaction in me.  Finally I landed upon what to post just by dumb luck when this caught my eye on the way home in the early evening.  Hope you enjoy my take.

Old denim jacket masquerading as a scare crow amongst the green beans.

I'm not sure the old farmer's wife quite understood my fascination, but with a smile on her face she willingly let me tiptoe between the plants to get my shots.

Had to snag this cool tractor while I was there too.

My nephew's little elastic-waisted jean shorts were a possibility, but just not as clever as the scarecrow.  I won't tell him, he seemed to enjoy being a model.

Here are a couple re-post pictures (is that like re-gifting?). 
From a couple weeks ago this shows my normal jean attire....and Tula's cute little toes as well.
I love this says denim for sure.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit.


Jamie said...

Love the scarecrow - so cool

Corinne said...

You are not crazy at all... I was also singing "Blue jean baby..." for a while after I read the prompt.
I would never have imagined capturing a denim scarecrow - I think that's so clever! Lovely shots!

Betty Anne said...

You will probably be the only one who enters a denim scarecrow -- I love it for it's uniquiness -- and it is a good shot too : )

Clare B said...

You have such a wonderful 'story voice' - loved hearing how you approached the subject. My mind wandered on this topic and I found myself in an altogether different place. But I guess that's what it's all about. Love your scarecrow pictures, especially the second one.

Maegan Beishline said...

I'm glad you had so much fun with this week's prompt!