Saturday, July 24, 2010

I've decided...

I have to buy a new computer.  Even more than I really, really, really want a new camera to upgrade from my point and shoot (which I do love, know), I need to take the plunge.  I've had my current laptop since late 2002 and it has done great (did you hear me computer?) great service for me.  I paid about $2,200 so we're looking at 8 +/- years of quality computer service which for any "math heads" out there figures out to be $23 a month.  I think that's pretty good.  It has lived a long, fruitful and full life.

This afternoon I snuck into the real estate office for un-real estate reasons. It's OK; I work in the family boss loves me. Truly.  I wanted to try out my administrative assistant's new computer....a Dell with Windows 7 and Picasa.  That's when the madness started.  I slipped my flash drive into the USB port and started messing around.  Wowza.  I NEEEEEEEEEEED this.  It is no longer optional.  This is not even taking account of the speed differences-we shan't go there.

I've been taking my novice photos in earnest since late May of this year.  All the things I've posted, and many I am proud of, have been uncropped , unretouched, unwarmed, untinted, unsoftened, unsepia-ed, unstraightened, unsharpened....just what came out of my camera.  I think I've done pretty well.  I feel however, there's no going back.  Once you play with these editing tools "Holy Schmoly!" know what I mean?  I've been cropping and straightening and such for 2 hours now.  Yikes.  I'm hopeful that the weeks I've spent working with my shots without the aid of an editing tool was a helpful school of hard knocks.  Maybe?  That might make me thankful.

Last night Tula and I went over to Strawberry Island.  I like to walk there in the late afternoon/early evening as there's usually not anyone around.  Tula can get a little run in and I can contemplate the universe & my space in it and snap a few pictures.  The tourists don't seem to notice the locale due to the sandy beach moments away.  When I was 5 my family rented a house overlooking this rocky open peninsula while our new home was being built.  Here I learned to cross the street, rode the school bus to kindergarten, and spent a snowy blustery winter.  I guess it holds memories....too bad most of the houses, including the one we rented, have been replaced or reworked into over-sized wonder homes.  Such is the way things go.

View from Strawberry Island looking back towards the neighboring houses.

It was windy last night. I could tell that the wind was at about 25 knots.  What that means in normal talk is, it was very windy.  My Dad often says when seeing a flag flying out straight "the wind is blowing about 25 knots...look at that flag".  I'm just passing along the info.  Anyway....(crap, my mind rambles around) was also overcast and spitting a little rain here and there.  Just setting the scene a bit.  Hope you enjoy what I was catching last night.

American flag nicely utility lines and such.

I got into a purple mussel shell thing last night....not sure what that was about.

I found this one trapped in a crevice between larger rocks.

This dried kelp had a pretty translucent look.  'Twas a smidge stinky however.  Pretty but stinky....I guess you can't have it all.

You may remember that the little miss doesn't like having her pic taken....I have to be sneaky.  The other night at the local library a photo journalist was speaking so I sat in.  Thanks to listening carefully to Greg and some cropping and such, I think I got a nice capture of my favorite dog. Shh....don't tell her.

Straighter horizons....yay.  Who knew?

This was another experiment after listening to the photo journalist....I kind of like it.

Lobster traps tossed up by an angry sea.  For items that normally sit at the bottom of the ocean, traps sure do have colorful lines and pieces.

Coo-ell....I did the softening thing around the edges of this kelp photo.  By the way....this one wasn't stinky.  Keep in mind when you're at the shore...big piles of kelp-stinky.  Small or singular kelp-not so bad.

My nephew Quinn was not on Strawberry Island with Tula and me, but I did edit this photo of him from earlier in the week and wanted to post it.  I see so many beautiful children in other's I have a beautiful kid of my own. The best part....I'm the aunt, so when he gets cranky-back to Mom and Dad.

I already shared this photo of my niece, Lily, in my "traditional" post,  but now that she's cropped, softened, etc. she looks better....though she's still not so sure she's having fun at the BBQ. Now I have two beautiul kids.  Same goes for her....when she gets cranky, I'm out of there.  Drop the "Hello Kitty" activity book and run!

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my rambles today.  Looking forward to a new computer soon.

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