Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Joy Ride

The last three nights I've been out in the golden hour shooting photos.  I love doing that....chasing the light, praying it won't cease before I've satisfied my craving.  I'm taking a manic amount of photos, and although I'm deleting more than half of them, the process is getting harder.  I don't know if that means my photos are getting better, or if I've looked at so many that my brain is going numb.  I'll ponder each side of that equation for awhile.

It's hot here in Maine; hot like it used to be when I lived in Florida.  I can remember going out with my friends for food at 2 a.m. and it still being 85 degrees in the middle of the night, continual warmth radiating from cement and pavement.  Many years have passed, but I don't think I'll ever forget that sensation.  It was delightfully foreign for a girl from New England.

Last night I walked around Biddeford and Saco in the fading light, snapping pictures.  When I finished I bought an ice cream cone as dusk blended into darkness.  The air had cooled enough to fore go the A/C and instead open all the car windows and the sun roof.  I turned the radio loud enough for this deaf girl to hear some of, and drove towards home.

I was just about to turn onto my street, when I felt an urge to run away; to find the carefree spirit of me in my early 20's with the whole world out there to grab hold of for the ride.  I drove on in the balmy air, shirt rippling with the car's acceleration, the stickiness of the day finally easing.  I wanted to touch the memory, find the simplicity of youth and to taste the experience.  I don't know if I felt angry and frustrated or momentarily open and free.  Maybe both....emotions are complex, metaphoric, and puzzling, at least to me.

I stopped at the beach in the coolness of the sea air before concluding that there is no running away anymore, despite the temptation.  I was not unhappy to arrive home to my dear pets and my normal gracefully aging existence, but I was happy I took that little joy ride in my head and in my car.  Summer is just too damn short around here and one must remember these moments on a cold and blustery January day.

Thanks for stopping by to see what thoughts are ambling on through my mind and of course for checking out my pics as well.
I ended up parking close to this old clock tower.  Someone must want to restore it, but I'm afraid time may run out on them before the funding is found.  Graceful and sad simultaneously.

There was a woman sitting next to this arch, smoking a ciggy probably thinking I was a nut job to be taking a photo over her head.  She couldn't see what I could see.

It's a shame this old mill town can't ever quite restore itself. The downtown has some wonderful architecture and history.

I'm not sure I quite captured what I wanted to here, but I saw something pretty cool.  Not only the fire escape zig-zag pattern, but its reflection as well.

The Saco River and smaller tributaries divide these two towns from one another.  The sunset was putting on a nice show at nearly every bridge I crossed.

Tree shadowing an old mill building.

My 3 1/2 year old nephew stopped by my office today.  He wanted to see some pictures.  After looking at my entire collection of dog and cat pics, we delved into some of these I've been posting.  I taught him a new word today; "funky".  This mural borders a low level parking area with walkway above.....the vibrant colors are definitely funky.

I don't just sort of said hello to me.  This was at the end of my walk and toward the end of the light, and there was a creepy guy coming down the walkway, so I snapped a quick photo and kept moving.

After the ice cream cone and before the beach I pulled into a car dealership that had a variety of antique autos for sale.  I love this with the sunset reflection.  Yours truly is also reflected in the lower left corner.  I think that's minus 5 points in the good photo taking category.  Rats.

Great old Ford truck too.....same photographer in the left corner again.  I need to learn how to get rid of that. :)

6:15 a.m. this morning back at the camera business.  Oh no....morning light is interesting too.  Main Street Kennebunk before all the construction guys started stirring up dust and slowing down traffic.  I envy them not their job.

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All that running around was worth it - amazing photos