Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking back

Sunday night....not my favorite.  It was much yuckier as a teacher when Monday morning was the worst thing in the world and Friday afternoon was nirvana.  In real estate you might catch a moment mid-week, or not have to report first thing on Monday....but of course your free time can be instantly sucked away by a single phone call from someone who HAS to see a house right this minute.  Must admit those "insist showings" rarely work out.  Sunday showings normally don't either.  I've given up many a weekend plan to show a property to no avail.  Sometimes now I just say "no".  Whew....there I've said it.

This weekend marked my #%~th high school reunion.  I opted not to go, even tho' I live right here in town.  I went 5 years ago and found it not that fun, so I decided to pass this time.  Now I'm looking at the picture posts on Facebook and wondering if I made the right decision.  Such is can't go back.  Maybe in another 5 years it will seem a good idea.  I did however meet up with a few close friends from high school "on the sly" after the reunion festivities were over and it was good to see them and share some laughs.  Made me realize that though they've been gone from my life a long time, there is still a sweet place inside with room for them in it.

It was also my niece's 2nd birthday and I am very happy to report that my gift of new washable crayola markers (bright colors), the Hello Kitty activity book complete with poster and stickers, and the last minute thrift store find of a bright pink Tinkerbell bag for carrying all those necessary 2-year old type accessories was a big hit.  Aunt Susan scores again.  I was almost outdone by the Abby Cadabby doll from a friend's mother, but the Tinkerbell bag was soon slung over the shoulder with all received cards, the markers, the books, etc. inside and I felt like a winner.  Yay.

If you knew me in person (or if you do) you'd know why this gift success is so remarkable.  I'm probably one of the most un-girlie girls going-but I also think on your birthday you should recieve what you like.

The perfect birthday girl considering what color to scribble on the page.  Creativity starts early.

Changing gears......
For a long time I've been interested in this building in town, currently used for storage.
Someone proficient in local history surely knows the background of this old machine shop.  It sits on a corner lot on Route 1 and is for sale along with its parcel.  I'm afraid some sort of "Generica" business will become the eventual resident of this space and the building will likely be torn down.  As I was passing by today with clouds in the sky and a few extra minutes in my schedule I decide to poke around and take some photos.

This is a door to nowhere....but the handle remains ready just in case.

In this window a lightly woven curtain remains suggesting the love and care this building knew at one time.

Beauty and the beast.

This may be my favorite....old metal downspout gutter.  I love the different coloration of the rust in the ridges.

Faded graffitti.  Thankfully we don't have much graffitti around here, but here's hoping the current generation of taggers is a little more creative and colorful than this.

I did not spend much time peeking in the windows....but spotted these glasses in one corner.  What I could see in plain view was a variety of things: old blankets, flag pole holders, cardboard boxes, old tools....a real hodge-podge of stuff must be inside.

These lacey wildflowers were all around the front and right side of the building, but not in the rear.  They must be diva-like and wanting to be seen by the passers by.

This old garage door slid side to side for years.  It has been replaced by a heavy metal garage door with an up to date lock.

There was a time in my HGTV viewing days, before I gave up watching TV, that I thought it would be enticing to take a buidling like this and re-vamp it into a residence....and it probably would.  As I often say to clients who want to re-work a home they're interested in "anything's possible with money".  When I think of it though, living on a busy corner of Route 1 with constant traffic doesn't seem too inviting, no matter how cute you could make the little courtyard out back.  Location, location, location.

Not to mention the enormous cost of making this place inhabitable.

Thanks for visiting the old Kennebunk Machine Shop with me.  Let me know if you or someone you know might like to buy it.  I know a good Realtor.

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Laloofah said...

Hey, Sue! I've got a few minutes, thought I'd try to do a little catching up on some of your blog posts!

I'm glad you scored a hit with Lily's birthday present, and perhaps inspired her inner artist to get busy! :-)

The Kennebunk Machine Shop (of which I have zero recollection) made for an interesting subject! The gutter is my favorite too! If we could figure out how to make gutters look like that on purpose, we'd probably make a fortune selling our line of Custom Designer Gutters to people who live in houses with paving stone driveways and personal covered bridges! ;-)

The glasses in the window are my second favorite. How haunting! They're very pretty... it's a shame they've been abandoned like that, even though they make for a great photo!

I laughed at your description of the diva flowers growing everywhere but in the back of the building because they want to be seen!

I'm afraid I must pass on the chance to purchase this place, even though I have it on good authority that the realtor in question is superb, it would almost be worth the purchase price just for the chance to poke around and see what got left behind, and it comes with a set of pretty free glasses! I hope a buyer does come along, though, and does something lovely and respectful with it! (And with the glasses!) ;-)