Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Crapola on my Mind

1.  If I'm going to try Miscellany Monday it would be best if I learned how to spell miscellaneous without having to rely on the spell check....hello.....

2.  One of the greatest things about not being married:  No in-laws.  While I imagine some are delightful, the ones that have married into my brother's family....phewww.  I am blessed.  They are nice but wicked annoying to be around.  He is cheering their departure for home this morning.  It's OK, his wife is cheering too.

3.  I think it may be a BIG mistake that I've found (and now purchased more than once) those little 4 packs of chocolate pudding designed for kids lunch boxes.  They are fat free however :)

4.  Why is it that people who work at the big mortgage companies are unable to answer simple questions?  I want to pay my August 1st payment today, in a timely manner, but I've yet to receive the statement with the handy perforated tear-off section at the bottom.  I just refinanced my home and as stars would align, my former mortgage was with GMAC and my new mortgage is with GMAC.  How 'come GMAC ain't sending the bill as early with this new mortgage as the old one?  No one at GMAC seemed to be able to shed any light on this.  Hmmmm.

5.  Black-eyed Susans soon will be showing around the perimeter of my deck.  Yay.

6.  Want to know why I'm posting with numbers?  Check it out here:

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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