Saturday, July 3, 2010


While this may look like a blog post, it really is just procrastination.  I promised myself I would wash and hand wax my car today.  Thus far I've tried on the new shirt that came in the mail yesterday, done a load of wash, had breakfast, read through a variety of blog posts of others, walked the dog, fed the pets...none of these is "wash and wax the car."  I know it.  I know what I'm doing.  I know the car will still need to be washed and waxed when I finish this....whenever that may be. I realize this is defeating my own goals. I am not in denial...I'm procrastinating.

I wouldn't call myself a procrastinator by trade, but lately I've been making use of this tactic too regularly.  I don't like that I do it, but at times it's as if I'm possessed by the evil procrastination bunny....the dark twin of the energizer bunny.  I'm labeling it and owning it.  Maybe labeling and owning is further procrastinating fixing it; not sure.

I actually love to have a sparkling clean automobile.  My car is white so it looks extra, extra good when clean.  Nope, that's not going to push me along to wrap this up and get to it either.  I do hope to go out later today and take some photos, perhaps getting the car done will be the pre-cursor to allowing myself that joy.  That may work.  Meanwhile, here are some things I've seen around in the past few days.  As always, thanks for stopping by and checking out my mind wanderings and photos.

Hens and chicks.  I don't know the names of many flowers/plants (tho' I sometimes surprise myself) but this name strikes me as quirky, fun, and easy to remember.  I imagine there's a great story behind the name, but I'm just going to enjoy the oddity of the moniker and leave it at that.

I've just started taking photos recently so I don't really know what I'm drawn to take pictures of yet.  I have noticed I like to photograph doors.  Maybe because they often take you somewhere....who knows why my mind works the way it does?  I like the door knob on this door....which happens to take you to a little 1/2 bath.  Not a very exciting destination, unless you really need to be there.

Wow;  I don't know what these purple beauties are so I'll stick with my standard guess...hollyhocks? 

Like doors, old houses often catch my eye.  Lead paint, anybody?  I liked all the little box shaped chips.  This house is a sad one, but it recently went "under contract".  Hopefully someone will revive it.

The color of this sky....when I lived away from Maine it is something I really missed.  We are lucky to have it frequently here rather than only sporadically as in other places I've lived.

I'm afraid this was much more stunning in person than captured by photo.  Local farm stand watering at the end of the day.

Honestly....I have the world's best best friend.  God was smiling on me when Laura and my paths crossed more than 35 years ago.  Patient, non-judgmental, gracious, dependable, fun, supportive, warm, and wonderful.  I'm not sure that a friendship is meant to be unconditional....but I sure feel like that's the case with her love for me.  I am so blessed.  I hope I'm 1/2 as good a friend to her-that would make me pretty damn good.

Sometimes I can't believe I live here.  What a quaint little spot with a quaint little view.

I know this one.  Roses.  Aren't they pretty?

One of the things I don't have is a way to edit my photos at all.  I am saving for a more upscale camera and a new computer as well.  I love this photo, but I know I could make it better with a little crop here and there in the background.  This view is across the street from stunning St. Ann's church on the ocean, which is photographed constantly.  I wonder how many people miss this while gazing in the other direction?

OK....time to wash and wax the damn car.  I'll be finished before I know it....right?

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