Monday, July 5, 2010

Three Days for July 4

Put another July 4th weekend on the tally list.  Do it quickly before it is Halloween and there are only 53 shopping days left until Christmas.  In this day and age, what isn't a shopping day?  People shop ALL the time.  I wonder where they get all the money to shop with.  I am a catalog shopper....that traipsing around in the mall looking for stuff is exhausting.  I do that perhaps 3 times a year and have to really be in the mood.  What does all this have to do with the 4th of July?  Nothing.  I think I have ADHD or ate too much sugar today.  My brain is all over the place.

This year 4th of July was uneventful.  I saw nor heard any fireworks of any sort....not even a little firecracker burst.  I was with friends drinking too much wine.  Dusk came and went and the 3 of us sat right there and opened another bottle as if it were March 12 or any other ordinary day, not the day to celebrate our country's independence.

There are a few 4th of Julys that stand out in my mind.  Last year was one.  I visited with friends who have a camp on a pond.  We had a fun afternoon swimming, kayaking, playing games, and then a cookout.  At dusk we piled into 2 canoes, paddled to the center of the pond and watched fireworks from a 360 degree vantage point. Very special for me.  I think I'll always remember it.

Another favorite was when I lived near Philadelphia.  Two friends and I went for dinner at a restaurant sited along the Delaware River.  After dinner, we sat on the restaurant's patio and watched fireworks being launched from a barge in the middle of the river.  It was spectacular.  Much more so than last evening's non-existent display.

Holidays are odd.  Often built up and then they pass by in an instant.  They are supposed to be special, but I often find them anticlimactic; somewhat depressing.  July 4th isn't such a big one exchanges gifts, cards, or any other "have tos" like some of the bigger holidays.  Somehow I often feel let down and disappointed when a holiday doesn't measure up to the if anything ever could.

I spent much of my long July 4th weekend alone.  I'm fine with that.  I read, completed projects at home, waxed the car, caught up with laundry and groceries, and didn't think about the routine of work.  All good.   I also took some photos.  Thanks for checking out my "take" on a 3 day pass.

Beets growing in a local garden.  I remember my grandmother serving beet greens.  I love the contrasting colors in this photo.

This is my one brush with July 4th.  This old flag caught my eye, especially the lower left corner that grew tangled in the afternoon breeze.

I stopped at a funky museum.  I think it's more of an eccentrics collection, rather than a traditional museum.  The owner seems to collect most anything and everything.  He has one big hall filled with musical objects such as this old phonograph.  Reminds me of the movie Cabaret.  Liza was always singing with one.

This shelf was full of old player piano rolls.  I found something about the colorful squares inviting.

Beautiful glassware displayed on shelves near a window.

This is a view from inside a large punchbowl.  I loved the detail work in the glass.

Tree farm.  The rows and rows of nearly identical trees hold some allure.

Remember I said it would be Halloween before you knew it?  This little leaf is already ahead of the season.  While I like the colors here, I feel a sense of sadness in this photo.

While on the other hand, these purple flowers are jubilant and joyous.

Thanks for stopping by to check out what mysteries are floating round my head and to check out my latest photos too.  It's nice to have company come by.


Betty Anne said...

My favorites are the old player piano rolls and inside the punch bowl -- that is my kind of museum. I have finally made a final decision on my new camera -- will send the details in reply to your email soon : )

Corinne said...

Hi Susan!
(I wanted to reply to your comment, but didn't have your email, so figured this was the best way!)
I use a Nikon D3000, and LOVE it. Our point and shoot died last September, and so we took the plunge. It's a pretty basic DSLR, so it's on the more reasonable side price wise, and so easy to use.
And I know what you mean about it being hard to see the bigger picture sometimes. Even the kids don't get me there... so I have to make it an intentional practice, which in itself is a gift. Whenever you're ready, I'd love it if you joined us!

Your photos in this post are so much fun - from the funky museum to the glassware. And honestly, it's nice to see something other than 4th of July photos... (it's not one of my favorite holidays... it's always anticlimactic!)